How can you increase content engagement of your blogs?

How to Increase content engagement on Your business blog

Creating content that your audience will enjoy can be a challenge. But there are ways to stand out above the rest. The following are some ways to increase content engagement on your blog. Know your target audience and how you can assist them You create blogs with purposes. Knowing who to talk to is very…

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Why should content marketers have SEO skills?

How to integrate SEO and content marketing strategies

The main work of search engine optimization is to publish content that is sought after. Small business online marketing strategies are shifting and for you to be a good content marketer, you must know about search engine optimization. And to be good at SEO, you must publish quality content. As a small business, if you…

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How can ou increase your conversions with google analytics?

How to increase your conversion rate with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an excellent tool that provides data to act on. Google Analytics is an important tool for examining your website data to make informed decisions to improve your performance. How can this tool affect your conversions? Small businesses can use data from Google analytics to measure their strength and adjust as necessary. This article…

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How to attract and engage followers on twitter

How to create a Twitter account that attracts loyal followers

Small businesses seeking to grow their twitter followers need a concentrated effort because the road to social media marketing success can be difficult. You’re in competition with short attention spans and other businesses also competing for the attention of the same people. With the prevelance of twitter, it’s no secret that Twitter is a platform…

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Is your small business ready for marketing automation?

How to be ready for your marketing automation strategy

Are you ready for marketing automation? Many small businesses have jumped onto marketing automation strategy because it allows them get more done in less time. A marketing automation system can do the following for you: Automate email and social media campaigns. Integrate common marketing tasks. Consolidate data on website visitor behaviors., and other key metrics;…

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What is the role of Reputation in the Google Quality Rating Guidelines?

Google Search Quality Ratings: Website Reputation

This post is a part of a series of posts that informs you as to how Google defines quality in respect to web pages.  The latest release of Google’s Search Quality Ratings Guidelines has given a pretty good insight on the role of website reputation in their search results. Google has stressed the importance of the rater’s…

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How can you make more sales with email marketing?

How to get your small business emails a guaranteed open

Most small businesses send emails that are BORING and that’s why they don’t get opened and read. As a small business, if you are not sending emails that are useful, then there is no need of sending those emails. So how do you make your business emails worth opening? This article provides you with some tips on…

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How can you use videos in your marketing automation?

How to use videos in your marketing automation campaigns

For small businesses, videos are entertaining, scalable, digestible, shareable, and helpful for lead generation. You then use marketing automation strategies follow up with those new leads to drive more qualified leads. Videos and marketing automation work together effectively and achieve great benefits for your small business. Marketing automation allows you to send the right content…

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How do you make people read your content?

How to make your blog more relevant to your small business

Is your blog helping or hurting your business? Small businesses regularly create new content with the aim of improving their search engine optimization. Blogging is one of the best solutions to build your SEO, but many do it wrong. Blogs are short and focused articles that help keep your website popping up in search results.…

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How can you use marketing automation to acquire leads?

How to bring opportunity in your business: leads acquisition

Being a small business marketer is not always easy. Is very common that small business marketer find it difficult to manage everything at the time available while thinking of how to grow your business. But once you’re aware of the challenges you face in your journey, implementing a marketing automation system to help you solve problems makes…

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How can you create better content for your customers?

How to create content that will get you results and sales

Small business marketers who create content need not “just” content, but content that sells. The time and energy you spend on your marketing is valuable. Don’t waste it writing content that doesn’t further your business. On the other hand, your customer’s time is valuable too. They don’t want to waste it reading content that is irrelevant.…

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What is Search Engine Results Page (SERP)?

SERP (Search Engine Result Page)

SERP (Search Engine Result Page) A SERP (Search Engine Result Page) is the page Google (and the other search engines) return to you in response to a search query. Users enters their search query upon which the search engine presents them with a SERP. SERP’s are unique. All search engines customize the experience for their…

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What is the lead strategy after a sale?

How to makes a great customer marketing strategy beyond a sale

What exactly is customer marketing? What is the difference between  customer engagement and customer marketing? After closing a deal, your marketing people need to turn their focus and energy towards customer marketing. Customer marketing is a good thing because you increase your opportunity for targeting hard-won customers and turning their engagement into an effective lead driver. So…

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What are the steps of turning your leads to customers?

How to better rank your leads and associate with serious customers

As small business marketers, we need to prioritize the good leads over the bad. When it comes to finding potential customers, you need to spend some time determining who will make a better customer. In the current marketing environment, chasing after the wrong prospects wastes time, energy, and money. The answer is to set up a…

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What are some of the changes from the Google search update?

Google Search Quality Ratings: Understanding Webpage Content

This post is a part of a series of posts that informs you as to how Google defines quality in respect to web pages.  Google provides clear instructions to their quality raters on how they are to understand website content for purposes of rating the quality of the website. Google has classified all the content on a…

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What are the similarities of storytelling and marketing?

How to use storytelling in your online marketing strategies

Storytelling is a scientifically-proven way to enthrall audiences and be memorable to them. But many small businesses consider storytelling to be different from marketing. They’re wrong. What are the similarities of storytelling and marketing? They both deliver a message. Storytelling allows your message to be more easily remembered. So how can small businesses use storytelling…

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Are links still important to small businesses?

Why backlinks are still important to small businesses SEO

Search engine optimization has the power to transform your business by earning valuable organic traffic from search engines. But to succeed you must implement a few best practices, one of which is link building. Link building as a part of your search engine optimization strategy? For small businesses, links can be incredibly challenging to earn. But remember…

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What is a private blog network?

Private Blog Network

A Private Blog Network is a privately owned network of servers that has obtained high domain authority via some means (generally via what where called Black Hat SEO techniques) and from which links to other websites were sold. Private Blog Networks were rendered ineffective in 2013 or 2014 via one of the Google algorithm updates, yet…

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How do you choose the right tool for your business?

How to choose the right marketing automation platform

Marketing automation is a powerful tool that allows you to attract better leads, nurture them, improve your communication with clients, and sell more. But always remember that you need the right marketing automation platform for your business. It is important to have a tool that strikes the best balance between; allowing you automate as much of…

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How do you maximize your customers relationship?

The importance of learning how to retain potential customers

Retaining customers is like being in a long term relationship. If you fail to give your customers appropriate support, they may leave for someone else. Why do you need to prevent customers from leaving? It should go without saying. When you lose customers, you lose revenue. Also bear in mind that it costs 5 times more to acquire…

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How can you improve your lead management strategy?

How to put things in place with lead management best practice

When it comes to lead management, there are some best practices that can help you take full advantage of lead management software. Define the difference between interest and intent How do you distinguish a lead that’s just looking around from the ones that really intend to buy? To better manage your leads, you need to differentiate people…

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What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is free software provided by Google to help us monitor measure activity on our websites. It has more features than I can list in this short glossary entry, but it becomes easy to know things like: What sources of traffic bring people to your website. What pages on your website people are loading. What…

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What is an outbound link?

Outbound Links

Overview Outbound links are links from pages on your website to web pages on other websites. All things being equal (which of course they never really are) pages with an outbound link or two rank higher than pages without outbound links. Studies also show outbound links provide people a greater sense of credibility as other…

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What are the benefit of a lead management software?

How to drive better sales opportunities with lead management

To properly turn your leads into sales opportunities, you need to focus on the ones that matter. How can lead management software help? This article focuses on the need to better manage your leads and discover more sales opportunities through lead management. Why manage your leads? Leads acquisition remains the number one goal for many small…

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What is Your Money or Your Life webpage?

Google Search Quality Ratings: Your Money or Your Life Page

This post is a part of a series of posts that informs you as to how Google defines quality in respect to web pages.  Google defines a category of webpages they call “Your Money or Your Life”. These are webpages that could potentially impact the future happiness, health or wealth of visitors. These are webpages that have positive…

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What are some of the lies about content marketing?

Content marketing lies that you need to avoid like plague

Many small businesses are ignoring the power of content because they don’t think it will generate ROI. By avoiding content marketing, you are limiting your top marketing tactics and your business. This article will look at some of the content marketing lies that you need to throw away. Content marketing has a weak ROI A…

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How do you develop a lead nurturing program?

How to make your prospects buy- Lead nurturing program

Leading a prospect to your website is one thing. Leading them to buy is another thing. But you improve your chances considerably with a lead nurturing program. The main purpose of a lead nurturing program is to help your prospects take the next step towards making a purchase, with the conversion of lead to customer…

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What is the purpose of a web page?

Google Search Quality Ratings: What is the purpose of a webpage?

This post is a part of a series of posts that informs you as to how Google defines quality in respect to web pages.  For you to write quality content, it helps to know what Google means by “quality”. Hence this series of posts. The most important concepts here are: Every page on the Internet is created…

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How do you create a perfect Call to Action button?

Is your Call to Action not working? This might be the reason

Calls to action (CTAs) are an essential part of every small business website. Effective CTAs is what turns your website visitors leads. What encourages them to take an action towards learning more. A successful CTA helps your website visitor take the next step and become qualified lead. If your CTAs don’t seem to convert, then they’re not working for…

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How can you increase your customers loyalty?

Important tips on how to increase your brand loyalty

As a small business, you work hard to woo new consumers. But your competitors are not sleeping. They are also working so hard to woo your loyal customers away. How can you best work to keep your brand alive? The following are some important tips on how to keep your customers and potential customers engaged.…

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How can you go about proper video content?

How to produce more effective video content for your business

Videos are an essential component of successful social media marketing strategies. Have you embraced social media videos for your brand? When it comes to video and social media strategy, there are challenges ranging from quality to consistency that small businesses face. So how do you go about creating quality video content? This articles will walk…

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How can you develop a working content marketing strategy for your business?

How to go about effective content marketing strategy

Content marketing strategies have been around for nearly two decades and still quite a number of small business marketers don’t know how to structure their blog. A blog should have a marketing structure that is interesting and engaging, while also being casual and personal. What should your blog be like? Your blog can (and should) be…

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What is a sales funnel?

Mistakes that can jeopardize all your sales funnel efficiency

If a lot of leads are coming from your website but you are not converting them into customers, you’re just collecting leads. Leads must be converted. But in order to convert your leads you need a comprehensive plan of sales funnel optimization. What is a sales funnel? A sales funnel is a series of steps that…

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How can you measure your social media marketing impact?

Ultimate guide to measuring your social media revenues

Many small businesses are struggling to grasp the financial benefits social media marketing. They have no idea whether or not their social media efforts are actually paying off. Other small businesses aren’t measuring their social media returns because of inability to tie social media to their outcomes, due to a lack of good analytics and an…

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How can small businesses grow on You Tube?

Tips on how to get more subscribers on your YouTube channel

What makes YouTube different from every other social media platform out there is: YouTube is the 2nd most used search engine on Earth Video is a content format we (especially young people) prefer Gaining new subscribers helps you build awareness and customers. This article we’ll teach you how to get more subscribers on your YouTube…

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Can social media marketing be a lead generating machine?

How to get better at lead generation with social media

Many small businesses think social media lead generation is hard. But content marketing actually exceeds social media in terms of difficulty. Today, generating leads from social media is no longer impossible. The technology factor and how you track and measure social media posts has improved. Basically social media marketing has now got better tactics and…

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What are the importance of adding videos in your marketing strategy?

How to use video marketing strategy in the right way for high ROI

When it comes to your content marketing strategy, the rise of video cannot be ignored. Small business marketers now claim that without video marketing, your business is likely to lose. This is because YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world and your competitors are starting to create them. Don’t worry, it’s…

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How can small business improve their email marketing strategy?

How to improve your email marketing strategy in easy steps

Social media networks are an integral part of today’s marketing but email marketing strategy is not dead as some people say. Today’s customers look for solutions and are willing to get email from businesses when they perceive the email’s provide value. Small businesses especially depend mostly on email marketing to keep their product and/or service in the…

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What are the benefits of lead tracking software?

The importance of tracking your leads with marketing automation

Lead tracking software helps you know what your visitors and leads are doing on your website. I don’t need to tell you why it’s important why you know what your visitors and leads are doing within your website Lead tracking is one of the best sources of insights on customer experience, relative to the use of your…

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How can you build trust with your customers?

How to engage and maintain your current potential customers

Engaging your prospects and customers is one of the most important factors when creating a successful marketing campaign. When the prospect has become a customer it is important to engage and maintain them. Your relationship didn’t end, it just started. Your current customers are your reviewers, success stories, evangelists, and demonstrators of how much you…

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How do you define a homepage?

Google Search Quality Ratings: Important Definitions

This post is a part of a series of posts that informs you as to how Google defines quality in respect to web pages.  From our last post, once you have understood the The purpose of Google’s Page Quality Rating and what defines the quality of that web page, it is important that your are familiar with some definitions Google…

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What techniques do you use to motivate your customers buyers?

Techniques on how to uncover your customers motivation

Understanding what triggers motivation is a critical part of marketing. Motivation is the thing that propels people to take action. Understanding what motivates your customers helps you better serve their needs by crafting marketing campaigns and delivering products that they want to buy. The role of motivation to marketing The ability to understand your customers is…

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How can small businesses build and grow their subscribers list?

What you need to add and improve your email subscribers list

Building subscriber lists is an important part of your email marketing strategy. Remember that having a big list is not enough. You need to have email addresses that are relevant to your business, your business goals, and (and this is the key) relevant for the people who subscribe. There are a number of ways to collect…

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How does marketing automation work for small businesses?

What are the main solutions provided by marketing automation?

Marketing automation is one of those tools that small business really need but it’s generally not clear to them what it is and why they need it. Before investing in marketing automation you need to understand it. You need to fully understand everything it can do for you. When thinking of investing in marketing automation, ask…

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How can marketing automation transform small marketers?

How to become more time effective with marketing automation

Small businesses that use marketing automation to nurture prospects experience increase in qualified leads and closed business. This is because through marketing automation you “nudge” people along, and that both helps filter the strong leads from the weak leads, AND generates sales. However, a large percentage of marketers are still not using marketing automation. If…

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How can you build great email marketing campaigns?

How to get email marketing right with marketing automation

Email marketing is still the king of ROI in the marketing kingdom. Email marketing remains one of the best ways to generate convert prospects and create paying customers. It allows a personal and direct channel of communication between a company and its leads. But how do you get it right? There are some prerequisites of…

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How do you build targeted email campaigns?

How to be more relevant with your customers-targeted email

Have you segmented your lists? Targeted email campaigns improve conversions and boost revenues. If you don’t know the importance of sending segmented emails, you are missing opportunities to increase your ROI. People are different and react differently to the same approach. So what are the benefits of sending targeted email messages within your email campaigns? Relevance…

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How can you increase your customers retention rates?

How to improve customer retention rate for your business

For small businesses, retaining customers is an incredibly important part of growing a sustainable business. We are in the business to earn and keep customers. According to research from Harvard Business School, increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25 to 95%. What is the meaning of customer retention? It is how well you…

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How can you improve in your customers retention strategy?

How to measure your customers expansion strategy

Once your prospect converts and becomes a customer, your job (as a small business marketer) of building engagement with your customers begins. Always remember that to be a successful small business, you must attend to all of your customer’s lifecycle from awareness to retention. So how can small businesses take control of their customers after they have…

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What is brand publishing?

Brand Publishing

Brand Publishing Brand publishing describes how businesses (brands) directly publish content for their customers, their prospects, and to the world at large. Brand journalism is simply the strategy of telling out your story in the style of journalism. Primarily this is done through their blog website, and is also done via social media networking sites. This is…

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