A landing page is a page on a website that encourages the website visitor to take a specific action, which either results in them: 1) leaving some contact information, or 2) buying something.

What is a landing page? how is it important to small business?
A landing page is a lead capture page

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Examples of lead capture activities

Examples of specific actions are:

  1. Subscribe to an email newslettter
  2. Register for a webinar
  3. Download an eBook (in exchange for an email address)
  4. Make a purchase

Every landing page needs a few standard elements

In general landing pages are simple and uncluttered, as the more options you give someone the more often they choose “none of the above”.

To make it easy and compelling for visitors to take action, include the following elements on your landing pages.

Effective headline

Essentially, the hook. What will grab their attention so they read down the page.

Narrow focus

The language of the landing page should be focused on the visitor taking whatever the next step in your sales funnel is.

Ideally there should be two paths out of a landing page (and very few are really this pure): 1) Complete the action. 2) Close the page.

One of the implications of the above is that landing pages should not contain any menus.


What do they get in exchange for what they give?

Social proof

Also known as testimonials.

Call to action

What exactly do they give? An email address? $19.95? You get the idea.

The main purpose of a landing page is to convert visitors to leads. Be clear about what action you want your visitor to take.

Make it very easy to understand what you want your visitors to do, make it obvious how they do it, and make it clear what they get as a result of doing it.

Landing pages and squeeze pages are different

Landing pages are different from squeeze pages as the focus of squeeze pages are to encourage a sale and squeeze pages tend to go on and on and on (but that on and on and on “ness” of them works).

While all squeeze pages are landing pages, not all landing pages are squeeze pages.

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