Image of old vintage Avis Unique Selling Proposition that really helped grow their business.

In Closing: Your High Growth Unique Selling Proposition

Getting your USP right is not quick and is not easy, but when you get it dialed in right, it carries your business. It explains to people in very few seconds what your company is all about. It allows people to know what you can do for them, without requiring them to think. But…. Getting…

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Image shows a woman talking into a metal can with a string attached and is representative of communication, or in this specific instance, communicating your Unique Selling Proposition to the market.

How to Communicate Your High Growth Unique Selling Proposition

Communicating your USP starts while you’re testing it, and continues after you think you’ve got it right. When you come to the realization you’ve got a product that solves a real solution and you’ve dialed in your messaging (via A/B testing) to where people are responding and buying, you get active. You talk to people…

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Image business meeting representing a customer and/or prospect giving feedback, in this instance on how the USP meets its needs.

How to Test Your High Growth Unique Selling Proposition

Once you’ve developed what you think is a good USP, how do you test it? There are two ways that make sense. Of course, if you think of more, let me know….. Talk to People Which people? With the people you previously interviewed. How do you test it? Setup another interview and this time tell…

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Image shows the iterative process of creating a high growth Unique Selling Proposition.

How to Craft a High Growth Unique Selling Proposition

Once you’ve got background information on the whole USP thing, how do you craft YOURS? I found a great method described in a blog post titled 5 Ways to Develop a Unique Selling Proposition. The title is, however, a bit misleading. In two ways: 1) It’s not that you pick the one you like best.…

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Image shows a jungle overgrowing and walkway. It is representative of the idea of a High Growth business fueled by a strong Unique Selling Proposition.

How to Figure Out a High Growth Unique Selling Proposition

So…. How do you create a great USP? The short answer is….. Slowly, through iterations. But…. And this is critical….. If you don’t have data to back up your USP, you don’t actually have a USP. If you’re declaring your USP and you don’t have data to back up with you’re saying, you’re just making…

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Image of old vintage FedEx logo and tagline. The old USP was fantastic and told you EXACTLY what you can expect as a FedEx customer.

Examples of Fantastic and Terrible Unique Selling Propositions

Some brands have experienced impressive growth during periods where they used a really effective Unique Selling Proposition (USP), then lost market share later when they stopped. This has occurred often enough that there seems to be a clear pattern. Having said that, the people who changed the USP later thought for whatever reasons, they were…

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Image shows a Volkswagen Beetle (cira 1960 to 1970 ish) which is representative of an exceptionally great ad campaign which positioned small cars as “cool”.

Very Important Ideas About High Growth Unique Selling Propositions

Sometimes, for your message to get through, it’s necessary to (metaphorically speaking) hit someone over the head with a message that effectively says “What you know is wrong”. Dispelling Myths A YouTube science educator named Derek Muller has a Ph.D. in teaching physics through video. His PhD thesis is titled Designing Effective Multimedia for Physics…

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Image shows robots being assembled in a factory. It is intended to invoke the idea of “The Customer Factory” which is a model of monitoring and measuring customer acquisition activities.

How The Customer Factory Helps You Achieve Massive Growth

When you get your USP right, EVERY “flow” of The Customer Factory is better. Monitoring The Customer Factory for your business tells you if your USP is working. The Customer Factory I learned this idea from Ada Ryland here in Austin, TX who provides consulting services to early stage startups. She did mentioned who she…

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Image of giant sequoia redwood tree as a representative of “massive growth” within the context of your business, which is achieved in part by figuring out your Unique Selling Proposition.

How Your Unique Selling Proposition Fuels Massive Growth

How are your USP and your UVP different? It depends who you ask. When you Google for USP vs UVP, you get various answers. Some people say they’re different. Others say they’re the same thing. My personal favorite is from the website of Jill Konrath, a Sales Strategist. Her definitions are: UVP: A clear statement…

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This image illustrates how focusing on what you provide to your customers that your competitors don’t helps you create your Unique Selling Proposition

Why a Great Unique Selling Proposition Creates Massive Growth

This article provides examples of how a USP that IS MEANINGFUL, has created massive growth for companies. These are real examples taken from real companies (some old, some new), whose USPs helped them achieve dominance in their markets. This article is part of a series of articles. To read the lead article in the series,…

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This image shows a vintage ad for M&Ms candy, with the Unique Selling Proposition clearly identified, which is “The milk chocolate melts in your mouth, not in your hand”.

Creating Your Unique Selling Proposition (Brand Strategy)

A great Unique Selling Proposition (USP) will cause the market to pull your business along. You’ll have trouble keeping up. A mediocre one makes you just like everyone else. Your USP, is the simple idea that explains to someone in very few words what your business does for them that they won’t get from someone else. A…

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Increased website interaction on various types of devices

How to increase user interaction on your business website

Best Way to Increase Web Visitor Interaction Increasing visitor interaction has a wide range of benefits online. All other things being equal (which is never fully the case, but the guidelines still hold true) websites that have more visitor interaction rank higher. The aspects of user interaction which directly support your SEO are: Links to…

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Importance of online marketing for small businesses

How to increase revenues with your online marketing strategies

Small business online marketing is all about attracting quality leads that engage with your product or service and in the long run generate revenue. Generating poor quality leads is easy. Generating high quality leads is harder. That’s where small business online marketing comes in. Specifically leads generating through organic search traffic. Online marketing for small…

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Online marketing trends for small businesses

5 Proven Online Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

As a small business, there are some online marketing strategies that can really help you translate your actions into a high-return at a realistic cost. Inbound Marketing Inbound Marketing allows small businesses to operate transparently and communicate flexibly, and enables clear business to world communications. This is done through your blog, your YouTube channel, and social…

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How to make your small business remain competitive in the market

Tips for Improving Sales Productivity for businesses

Improving sales productivity for small businesses is a big challenge. It is a fact that your sales people need to focus on efficiency and effectiveness. Time and energy are by definition limited resources. Your small business needs to maximize sales results while using as few resources as reasonably possible. With the fast growth of technology, new strategies…

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How to build your small business online marketing strategy

How to develop an online marketing strategy for business

Small businesses often don’t use their business website effectively for maximum gains. This is often due to a limited budget, limited other resources, and for some small business they do not know exactly how to build their business website, or what to do after building their website to grow an audience and generate leads. On this post,…

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Importance of marketing automation to small businesses

How to increase click-through rate using email marketing

For many years, Email marketing has been an essential part of small business online marketing. However, Email marketing has undergone a broad change these past few years. What is called Marketing Automation was once too expensive for small businesses to afford it, but costs have plummeted in recent years. Marketing Automation is email marketing with…

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what’s the secret of marketing your small business successfully?

Ultimate guide to market your small business effectively

What do you think about when you think about marketing your small business?   Various forms of getting out there and meeting people? Networking? Social media marketing? SEO? It all starts with a plan And the plan starts with a few questions. What problem do you solve? How do you solve it? What specifically do you…

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How to manage your website writer for great performance

Small business marketing: how to manage your website writers

Content marketing (also known as inbound marketing) requires a steady steam of quality fresh content to be published to your website. The ones who are having the greatest success do two things: They put in place structured processes to ensure their publishing schedule is met. They hire writers to create the content based on interactions…

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Leads form. capturing all data and information of your leads.

How to use many lead forms in your business website for great benefits

Every business needs a website. The idea of having a website for your business is two fold: 1)to attract traffic to your site and 2) to convert them into leads. However how much detail you ask for depends upon a lot of variables. There is no one answer that fits all businesses or even fits all…

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How to attract traffic to your website and increase the number of leads

How to increase leads to you small business website successfully

To succeed online, small businesses need to attract more traffic to their websites, ands generate more leads in order to make more sales. Getting more traffic is important but if you don’t convert this traffic into leads your traffic will be of no use. So what you need to do is to make your website be able to…

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Landing page design best practices

How to design your landing page to increase sites conversations rate

Landing pages are part of successful inbound marketing strategy for small businesses Once you’re attracting a decent volume of visitors, how do you convert them into prospects? By directing them to well designed landing pages. When creating a landing page on your small business website, basic design rules matter. A subtle difference on your landing…

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How to measure your business progress using sales funnel

Sales funnel as the greatest way to measure your business progress

What is a sales funnel? A sales funnel can be described as the process of following up with sales leads in a way to encourage them to take the next step in their buyers journey. Many small businesses look after sales lead poorly, without doing anything to sort or evaluate their leads along the way.…

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3 marketing automation benefits for your small business

What are the benefits of marketing automation to small businesses?

Marketing automation has been an expensive tool previously used only by large business in their marketing strategies. Due to significant changes in the industry and the specific tools, small businesses now have access to sophisticated marketing automation tools to benefit from. Specifically check out Mautic, an open source marketing automation platform which has 2 versions: free and $12…

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How to maximize the conversion of visitors into leads

The truth about landing page conversion rate. Inbound marketing tactic

As a small business putting efforts into inbound marketing, you live and die on the quality of your website content with which you attract visitors (no visitors = no leads generated), Landing page content has been overlooked by many who do not understand the importance of how an incremental improvement in landing page conversion rate increases your…

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Step by step process of creating your business video

Outstanding ways of creating a training video for your small business

Creating a training video for your small business allows you to provide self- governed instruction to your customers about how your products or service helps them solve a problem they’re having. You can record a live demonstration or prepare a complete plan for developing a training package for distribution on the Internet. Steps to follow…

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Tips for creating best landing pages

Remarkable landing page best practices that drives conversions

A landing page is the page a visitor lands at your website after clicking a paid ad, an ad on your social media network, , a social media update, or the call to action at the bottom of a blog post. Different landing pages containing different offers (as needed) are important for providing a quality experience to…

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best practices on marketing automation for your small business

The best practices on marketing automation for your small business

Marketing automation has penetrated in both large and small businesses. For small business owner, if you are planning to automate your marketing, you need to understand the basic concepts and find a tool that you can afford The following are the best practices on marketing automation for your small business What is Marketing Automation? Marketing…

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How to conduct your small business market analysis

Small business Marketing analysis-information about your customers.

Small business marketing When starting a small business, you need a business plan. Your business plan should include a market analysis. Market analysis should be done to review both the opportunities within the market as well as existing competition. In order to be a better choice for people, you need to know what you need…

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Marketing automation benefits to small businesses

Small business marketing automation- The ability to run easily online

Maintaining a successful small business is difficult and requires complicated marketing strategies (I thought I would mention it in case you were not already convinced). Running a small business is complex and time consuming because you have to wear many hats, from day to day operations to marketing. Small business owners often “do” marketing when they…

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Getting your small business to be known. Social media marketing

How to use social media networks to market your small business.

Every action you take on social networks should be a part of an entire social media marketing strategy. This is sometimes viewed as a complicated idea by business owners, but if you take your time to create a solid social media plan, the rest of your social efforts will follow on their own. You’ll see what…

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The importance of landing pages. Capturing visitors information.

Importance of landing pages to small businesses marketing strategies

Inbound marketing strategy: Landing Pages A landing page is a web page that you to obtain information from your website visitors. For people who sell services the landing page is generally used to obtain the name, email address, and phone number. Something that allows you to follow up. For eCommerce sites, the landing page is used to collect…

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Effective online lead generation strategies

Online lead generation- How to successfully grow your business virtual

The two biggest worries for small business owners in lead generation are cost and return on investment. It is for this reason that on this post I explain a few low-budget and effective online lead generation strategies to increase leads to your business. Resource Guides Resource guides are a type or form of content. Resource guides gives vital…

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Key areas that to check on for you to gain higher rankings

Optimizing your websites key areas to enlarge effective link building

When taking your small business online, optimizing your businesses website for search is fundamental. Organic search results are the best place to promote your business your potential customers. This is because when they find you, you obtain the best quality website visitors and leads you’ll ever have. Key areas to check on for you to gain…

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Small business marketing strategies. How to attract customers to your business

Small business marketing strategy – A clear channel to your success

Successful small business marketing strategies begins with defining your goals and objectives. As a small business owner, you need to figure out whcih marketing strategies you will use to best accomplish your goals of increased visibility and increased leads. Inbound marketing strategy  Inbound marketing as a strategy attracts target buyers to your product or service through your website. Publishing relevant content…

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For Small businesses owners, before you think about starting investing online, first you need to know the reasons why you need an online marketing strategy

2 Online marketing campaign preparations for your small businesses.

Small business marketing For Small businesses owners, before you think about starting investing online, first you need to know the reasons why you need an online marketing strategy for your small business. Being found online will help  you to know your online audience and know how to market to then effectively. You will learn how to utilize…

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With small business marketing, decide which marketing strategies will best fit your small business to reach your target audience

Formulating a marketing strategy for your small business

For small businesses, choosing the way to go as your marketing strategy can be stressful. What works? What’s a waste of time and money? As a small business owner with small resources, go for the ones the best proven track record. Content strategy In the online marketing world, content is king. Search engines wants you…

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Develop a clear picture of your target audience using market research and analysis as the 1st step when developing your marketing strategy

Maximizing your business returns. Worth of Small business marketing

Having a strong marketing strategy process in place for your small business helps to ensure that your marketing actions remain associated with your set business goals and also maximize your business return from your marketing efforts. The following are the steps that to follow when creating and implementing a winning market strategy for your small business.…

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Having the right people, tools and processes to carry out the planned activities to support the strategy is necessary for your business to achieve its objectives and set goals

Framework to ensure your small business marketing plan stay in line

The purpose of your small business marketing  strategy includes: 1) laying out how your business will achieve its business goals, and 2) providing a framework to ensure that activities stay in line with the vision and mission of your company. When starting the process of developing a marketing strategy always consider the following critical issues. Positioning,…

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Inbound marketing is all about attracting visitors to your site rather than finding them by getting found by your customers online

Inviting visitors to your small business through inbound marketing

Every small business needs to do marketing for its success. But what kind of marketing is the most appropriate for your business? It is difficult to answer such a question because most of the standard marketing approaches are too expensive for smaller businesses to employ. It is for that reason inbound marketing and its techniques, make sense…

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Important questions to ask yourself for your small business marketing strategy

Effective marketing strategies that will make your business valuable

Successful businesses have a well-defined marketing strategy that makes all they do more successful. Even you as a small business owner can make your business more successful by having a clear marketing strategy. For your small business strategy, always ask yourself these questions. Who is Your Target Customer? The first decision in your marketing strategy…

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small business marketing execution is more important than strategy

Small Business Marketing Execution is More Important Than Strategy

Well, not really. But being in motion is better than not being in motion. So while the people who tell you to work on strategy before you execute on your small business marketing strategy have a very valid point, I’ve met too many small business owners who work on strategy and take only the smallest…

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How do you know which small business marketing companies are worthy of your trust (and money)

Marketing Companies for Small Businesses | Generating Leads on a Budget

The Problems with Small Business Marketing…. Are that you hear experts contradict each other. Too many falsely pitch “the easy way” that doesn’t work. Trial and error is expensive. Sometimes VERY expensive. And the solution to small business marketing is simultaneously both simpler and more complex than what most people think. It’s also not the…

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you can build a business by providing a starting and growing a community who gets what you're doing and is likely to buy your products and services

How to Market a New Business and Generate Interest by Building a Community

You’ve Heard This All Before, But… Let me just get that out of the way. I’m pretty sure nothing in this article will be new to you, so my goal is not to present a mere list of ideas, but rather to present a set of priorities. As a small business owner you wear many…

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The future of small business SEO and Inbound Marketing is DIY.

Why the Future of Small Business SEO and Inbound Marketing is DIY

It’s because of economics Once upon a time, way back in 2010 or 2011, it was possible for a small business to buy a small business SEO package for $300 to $800 (sometimes a little more) that delivered results. The tactics that worked then are ineffective today. What were those tactics? Understand that SEO stands for…

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small business marketing strategies, small business online marketing, inbound marketing

Four Simple Questions to Help You Focus Your Marketing Strategy

Is Your Marketing Strategic or do you Wing it? When you wing it, you get wing it results, and for that reason it makes sense to be more strategic about how you approach marketing and sales. There are four very simple questions that can help you focus your thinking. Bear in mind that while the…

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guest blogging, inbound marketing

Guest Posting Generates Backlinks: Business Networking Between Websites

Guest Blogging is Still a Respectable Way to Be More Known For both yourself and your website. The comment Matt Cutts made several months ago about guest posting being done as a link building tactic is valid. Guest blogging had become a SPAM tactic with firms coming into existence to publish as many poor quality posts…

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ethical sales? ethical marketing? small business marketing

Ethical Marketing and Sales: Does it Exist or is Capitalism Too Competitive?

Are Our Role Models too Crooked? Examples of big corporation bad behavior is all to common. Wall St investment banks too bets with money that wasn’t theirs and created the 2008 global financial meltdown. To date not one Wall St investment banking executive has been charged with fraud in spite of the US Justice department…

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small business, smb, seo, search engine optimization

Survey Says: Small Businesses Owners are Willing to Pay for Search Engine Optimization Training

Per Search Engine Land: SMBs Want SEO Training An organization called the Local Search Association (LSA) conducted a survey of small business owners and the survey strongly suggests SMBs want training in search engine optimization. I find this very interesting, because when I provide an overview of what this takes to owners of small businesses,…

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small business problems, need more leads, need more hours in the day

How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Small Business (Time and Money)

A Steady Steam of Qualified Leads Brings Money But generating those leads takes time and effort, and when you’re already like the guy whose too busy to read the time management book, how do you “break out” of your daily routine to find more prospects? I’m going so far as to say the two biggest…

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