Why would you want to write for us when we’re a nobody venture with a website whose Moz Domain Authority is only 12 and whose current traffic levels are low?

For starters, it’s easier to get approved on our site than it is on moz.com or other high profile website.

And you will get a backlink out of it.

But mostly, we believe:

  • The Digital PR Link Building/Earning platform we’ve developed, and the link earning community we’re building on it, will become much more popular in the future.
  • And our Moz Domain Authority and traffic levels will rise over time.
  • Which means you can get an easy guest post link today, that becomes more valuable as time goes by.

But none of the above means we skimp on quality.

We’re happy to accept your application to write a guest post, but it will be a collaborative effort, where we brainstorm topic ideas and I (Kevin) act as your editor.

But we do have author’s biographies enabled on our site, so a guest post or two here will enhance your portfolio of articles, and we can be a stepping stone on your way to bigger and better guest posting opportunities.

Write for Us

When you contact us, you are added to list, which is how we track who contacted us. But we will not sell or share your information with anyone. It’s strictly  to allow us to keep track of who contacted us.