This post gives an overview of the community, describes some of the general concepts that are important, describes how you use it, and contains links to other posts that provide more detail for each function or task, which you can also find below.


This video shows how to apply for an account.


This video shows how to enter the webpages you wish to promote, that you wish to earn links to.

Understanding how Google makes money helps you as a content writer.

Why? Because all advertising based business models are based on popularity, and the ways Google is strives to remain the world's most popular search engine matters to you.

This post explains how Google's business model matters to your strategy and tactics.

While it's true that links in general do not have the same importance they once did, attribution links do. They're an important source of external validation.

Some people say "It's not what you know, it's who know". But neither has ever been true. What matters is who knows you. Attribution links show you're known by the right people.

This blog post tells the story of the worlds first known instance of Content Marketing, which started as a quarterly print magazine in 1895. Seriously. The basic concepts have not changed, even though content marketing now occurs almost exclusively online.

This blog post explains why you do NOT want to attempt to earn links to your home page and your landing pages, and explains what you DO want to do instead.


This video shows how to change the team subscription level, add team members, inactivate team members, and reactivate team members.

Content Archive and unArchive

This video shows how to archive, and unarchive, the content you're promoting.

Sources (to link to)

This video shows how to find attribution link sources to link to, which is how you earn link credits, which is how you become more visible within this platform.

Sources (to link to) Update

This video shows updates that were made to the Sources page.

False positives

This video explains why you sometimes see web pages that are "off topic" in the search results within this platform.

Spoiler: It primarily has to do with the difference between a websites Main Content and it's Supplementary Content.


This video shows the message chat (inbox) feature within the platform that allows users to send each other messages about the webpages being promoted.


This video explains the MyList page and how from it you record links you provide and get link credits for them.


This video explains the OurLinks page, which is "just" reporting of links that have been provided to your webpages and links you've provided to other people's webpages.

How are Link Credits calculated?

This video explains how Link Credits are calculated and how different links have different link credit values.

Spoiler: It has to do with the MozDA difference between the two sites.

Affiliates (yes, we have a program)

This video explains our affiliate program works.

Spoiler: In our early days when we're giving away free subscriptions in order to a create a vibrant community others will pay to join, we can't pay money as we're not receiving money, but.... for those who are interested, we will provide equity in our venture for users brought to us by affiliates.