IMPORTANT: While the post contains the registration URL at the end, please read this post before you register, as the concepts described in this tutorial are important to understand.

The Digital PR Network is a portal in which SEO, Digital PR, and Link Building professionals promote their best content to each other.

This tutorial post provides an overview of how you use the network and contains links to other tutorial posts that contain specific detail for various functions.

General concepts


Within the tool, you establish and are known by a screen name. It is a name you simply make up. The only restriction is you can not use a name someone else is already using.

Your email address is not revealed to other users of the system, nor do you see theirs (with the exception of you can in some instances see email addresses of other members of your team).


When an individual registers, they become a Team Lead. They can add other members to their team up to the limit of their subscription level. Team members can later be inactivated and reactivated. Additionally, it is possible for the Team Lead to pass that responsibility onto any other active team member.

Subscription levels

The subscription levels are:

  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Free (silver level – but free for early adopter initial users)
  • Bronze

Subscription levels determine your limits within the platform.

There are limits on the number of active users you can have on your team, as well as the number of sites and webpages you can promote through the system.

The Registration URL is…

But don’t register now as we’re in the midst of a very comprehensive redesign and the existing platform will be retired to make way for the new one.

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