While Google loves links, they hate link building, yet it’s critical to SEO success: Here is an extensive list of link building tools.

Link Building Tools for Better SEO

What Are Links? The word “link” is an abbreviation of hyperlink, and hyper means “jump”. A hyperlink is a jump from one web page to another. Components of a Link Links have two parts. Anchor text On the web page the link originates FROM, the anchor text is the text that “anchors” the link. It is…

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What is the value of semantic SEO?

What is semantic search? How to do SEO like a professional

What is Semantic SEO? The commonly cited concise definition of semantic SEO is a bit cryptic. “Semantic search is a search or a question or an action that produces meaningful results, even when the retrieved items contain none of the query terms, or the search involves no query text at all.” Tamas Doszkocs But I…

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What are the best SEO tips recommended for Wordpress users?

Need strong SEO? Here is how to set up your WordPress site

Overview While having a website that is properly setup for SEO does not guarantee SEO success, having one that is designed and/or setup poorly can guarantee failure. While the bulk of the work of SEO is publishing quality content at regular (and preferably frequent) intervals, it’s critical the SEO setup of your website be done…

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The MozBar chrome plugin shows the Domain Authority Score

Find better citation links with mozbar domain authority

What is Domain Authority? It is an integer, between 1 and 100, that was created by Moz (an SEO tool vendor located in Seattle, WA) that provides an indication of the authority of the domain in question. Higher numbers indicate domains with more authority. Few sites have a domain authority (DA) of 100, and to…

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What is Metadata? What is metadata and why is it as important as data?

How to influence your web page’s relevancy- The value of metadata

What is metadata and why is it as important as data? Understand that “meta” means “about”, so metadata is data about data. Metadata is information that’s kept in the HTML code of a web page specifically for search engines robots to better understand what that page is about. Metadata consist of A title tag A Meta description…

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How to invest in search engine optimization for higher ranking

How to generate traffic and boost your conversions with SEO

What is your best way to generate website traffic? While paid advertising delivers traffic in the very near term, long term  search engine optimization has the best ROI  and iis the best way to generate traffic that converts. There are plenty of channels for  generating traffic to your website, but nothing really compares to search…

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What is search engine optimization?

How to get the chance of being found online with SEO tricks

For both small and big businesses, Search Engine Optimization, is more than just a nice-to-have these days. Search engine optimization is a necessity for on the internet, especially those who rely on the internet daily. Search engine optimization is all about maximizing the highest possible number of visitors to your business website. Search engine optimization…

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What is SEO and why is it important?

Why images are important and how to rank first on Google image

As a business working to generate leads, it is very important to get on the first page of Google. 91% of searchers do not go beyond the first page when sifting through search results. How do you land on the first page of search results? Publish good stuff, and often. But don’t neglect website images.…

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How do you write an SEO-friendly content?

How to create SEO-friendly content for your organization

Creating content on your business website is important but it is more important when your content ranks high on search engine results page. This is because top SERP positions can be easily lost. If you want to reach a wider audience with your content, this article guides you on how to create search engine friendly…

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Are links still important to small businesses?

Why backlinks are still important to small businesses SEO

Search engine optimization has the power to transform your business by earning valuable organic traffic from search engines. But to succeed you must implement a few best practices, one of which is link building. Link building as a part of your search engine optimization strategy? For small businesses, links can be incredibly challenging to earn. But remember…

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How do you create SEO-friendly content?

How to provide content that satisfies searchers and Google

When writing a new page for your business website, it needs to be SEO-friendly content for Google and the other search engines. But what does that mean? This article will walk you through the steps of optimizing your content for search engines. Choose the right keyword phrases In the context of search optimization, a keyword…

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What are the fundamentals of search engine optimization?

SEO Fundamentals that every small business website should have

By understanding how to improve your search engine optimization and getting it right will increase your investments returns. In small business online marketing, search engine optimization plays a great role. Search engine optimization is a significant aspect to small business and there are some fundamentals that will make it a success if taken with care.…

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How to increase your search rankings with Google tools

How to supercharge your SEO with important Google tools

Search Engine Optimizing for your business website is a constant process. It’s a bit like the instructions on the shampoo bottle of “lather, rinse, repeat”. Luckily, Google has been collecting data on websites that we can use when we are trying to figure out how to improve our search rankings. In this article we’ll discuss…

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Why search engine optimization is important to small businesses

Why SEO is still important and why it matters for B2B companies

People wonder whether or not search engine optimization is still valuable to small businesses. The short answer is YES. SEO still matters. Why SEO is still important and why it matters for B2B companies With search engine optimization, there are 3 important factors affecting your small business ranking. What makes up your SEO campaigns: content marketing,…

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Search engine optimization tips for small businesses

SEO tips-how to get that extra unique potential customer

Search engine optimization for small businesses is more than JUST an element of great marketing. It crossed over into Public Relations and Thought Leadership. Having a great business website is not enough. You must invest in content, and good content to make this work. Good content gets noticed, and that IS the basis of being…

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How do you format your blog post for better readability?

How to format your business post for better readability

Well formatted blog posts rank higher in search engines. Why? Because when reading well formatted posts, people stay on the page longer. Which of the two samples below do you find easier to read? Sample A Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty, and…

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What is local SEO? Is it worth for small businesses?

How to grow your business by helping people find you

When your target audience live and work close to you, you don’t need the world to find you. That’s where local Search Engine Optimization comes in. Local search engine optimization offers incredible opportunities for your people people to find you in their online searches. What Is Local Search Engine Optimization? It is a specific strategy to increase your LOCAL…

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How to optimize your business website for search engine optimization

How to optimize your home page and others for search engine

A website is made up of many pages. Many discreet URLs. Google ranks pages, not websites per se, but it is true that the authority of the website affects the ranking of all the pages on the website. Additionally each page can rank for multiple keywords. The home page is only one page on your…

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What is search engine Optimization?

How to optimize your content titles for search engine

For small businesses, there is a lot more to search engine optimization than keywords. Search engine optimization is really not about keywords at all, in spite of everything you’ve read. SEO is about publishing quality content for your desired audience. Having said that there are some specific aspects of your content that matter great, and titles (or…

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What is search engine optimization and what does it entails?

Why businesses should invest their time and money on SEO

Is SEO worth the time and money for small businesses? With the limits of time and resources, you need to focus on what will get you the most bang for your buck, and done properly, that IS SEO. But there key concept here is “done properly”. There is a lot written about SEO that is…

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What is search engine optimization and why is it so important to small businesses?

What is and is not search engine optimization for businesses

Search Engine Optimization must be THE core of your 0nline presence, but what exactly is SEO (and what stuff isn’t SEO). This article spells this out in plain and simple language. So what is Search Engine Optimization? Search Engine Optimization is a series of layers (branding, messaging, blogging, etc.) that you do (day to day) to ensure…

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Why link building is the way to go for small businesses

Link building as one of the most challenging, but important SEO skill

While link building is one of the most straightforward aspects of Search Engine Optimization it is also one of the hardest to do in terms of day to day activity. When it comes to search engine optimization, link building is one of the main search signals (per Google), and the success of your link building strategy depends…

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How to do search engine optimization for small businesses

How to be up and coming with search engine optimization

At the risk of overstating the obvious, search engines have become a competitive place to do business especially for small businesses. To be successful on search engines, your business needs to be listed, ranked highly and convert incoming traffic into leads and sales. Many small business owners think that search engine optimization is just about…

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How to optimize your website properly for customers

3 ways your customers will search for you on the search engines

Of all the current online marketing strategies small businesses follow, the one with the best long term ROI comes from adapting Search Engine Optimization strategies. The goal here is to attract people to your website via organic search. This is done primarily by creating content on your website that is relevant to the audience you wish…

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Search engine mistakes that you need to avoid

SEO mistakes that you and your business should try to avoid

The search engine optimization errors most small businesses like yours make cost big money. Mostly in lost opportunity cost, but this can be HUGE. When potential customers are looking for a particular product or service online, your small business website needs to show on top of the results page for you to succeed. The following are…

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Search engine optimization strategies to boost your visibility

How to create more customers with search engine optimization

Your content marketing strategy is what you do to take advantage of what is called search engine marketing. Your content marketing strategy and search engine marketing are opposite sides of the same coin. With content marketing, you create and publish information that is useful for your target audience (blogs, articles, videos etc.). The primary channel for people…

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The future of search engine optimization for small businesses

Search engine optimization as an important piece of reaching prospects

For small businesses, search optimization is a critical piece of reaching your ideal prospects. This is because done right, it’s really cheap. By done right I mean you learn how to do it in house, for a few hundred a month, rather than spend a few thousand a month on outside consultants. Whether your brand is…

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Search engine optimization trends for small businesses

Is your small business SEO strategy up to date? How to…

Small business online marketing strategies change every several months. What was once relevant, may not be as effective today. Search Engine Optimization is an example of how fast the online marketing for small businesses changes. A strong focus on keywords once delivered results. Today it’s a strong focus on useful content.   Search engine trends…

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Importance of search engine optimization to small businesses

Benefits of Search engine optimization to businesses.

Small Business Marketing Strategies Search Engine Optimization for small businesses is a strategy that can (and should) play an important role in small business marketing. For small businesses without big marketing budgets, SEO is a cost-effective way to make it easy for people to find you. Search Engines benefits for small businesses Search Engine Optimization helps…

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How to properly optimize your small business website information

Effective ways to boost visibility for your business in search results

A key element of your small business marketing strategy is to effectively place your small business and your products and services in search engine top results. But…….. It’s hard. If it was easy everyone would just do it, and of course not everyone can appear at the top of the search result, so that idea is kind of…

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What are the search engine optimization new trends for small businesses?

Improved search engine optimization to be competitive in the market

These days, achieving top rankings on search engine is not that easy for start-up businesses new in the market. There are a variety of reasons why this is true. A few are: 1) search engines have continually modifying its search algorithm so Google delivers the best search results. 2) It takes increasing amounts of content to rank well,…

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Creating a good optimized landing page for website converstion

Importance of a good optimized landing page to small businesses

Landing page optimization is necessary for successful Inbound Marketing campaigns and many small businesses build them wrong. So what makes an effective landing page? A good landing page has the following basic elements 1) Strong Headline 2) Content that implies answers are to be found 3) Some give a way (eBook, video, etc) in which the…

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search engine optimization best practices for small businesses

Key trend for search engine optimization that will help your business

For higher search rankings on search engines for your small business website, you need to fully understand about search engine optimization best practices. The following Search Engine Optimization strategies are so far the most important trends in 2016 for small business The Rise of Content Marketing: Blogging Concentrating only on keywords and links will not maintain…

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How to increase website conversion rate using search engine optimization

How do you SEO to increase your small business website conversion rate

How can Search Engine optimization improve onsite conversion? Today I am providing an answer to this question. I understand that when you think about Search Engine Optimization, you think about getting customers or visitors onto your business website and maybe onto certain landing pages. Well, Search Engine Optimization is all about getting the higher rankings and…

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Key areas that to check on for you to gain higher rankings

Optimizing your websites key areas to enlarge effective link building

When taking your small business online, optimizing your businesses website for search is fundamental. Organic search results are the best place to promote your business your potential customers. This is because when they find you, you obtain the best quality website visitors and leads you’ll ever have. Key areas to check on for you to gain…

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Content that makes numerous link are kinds that get shared a lot on other platforms.

What is link building? Getting your small business website noticed

Inbound links are one of the most influential strengths in search engine optimization. As link-building is important for small business SEO, it is also difficult. Bearing in mind that giving an inbound link is the choice of the site that is linking to you, Link building is one of inbound marketing strategies that needs commitment, persistence,…

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Inbound marketing (content marketing) gives you a chance to draw customers to your website

Content marketing-building your traffic faster by posting regularly.

Content marketing for small businesses For small businesses, an important part of being found online is making sure you appear on the first page of a search result page. To achieve this, you need to improve the search engine optimization of your website. Search Engine Optimization needs you to create quality content that your target customers will find…

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Elements of on-page search engine optimization.

3 elements of on-page search engine optimization for small businesses

On-page search engine optimization can be defined as those factors that have an effect on your Web site in natural search results. On-page search engine optimization include Meta description and keyword phrases as discussed below. Elements of on-page search engine optimization Page Title This is one of (if not) the most important on-page Search Engine Optimization…

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Components of Improving search engine optimization includes Title tags, Keywords and Inbound links.

Search engine optimization Contrast between internal and inbound link

What is search engine optimization? Search engine optimization can be defined as the techniques and procedures of making your website more noticeable to your potential customers or target audience looking for your product through search engines. Improving search engine optimization includes the following components. Title tags Keywords Inbound links Although there are various factors that…

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Search engine optimization is such an important part of your website to attract visitors and increase website traffic.

4 tips to improve your search engine optimization successfully

For small businesses, Search Engine Optimization matters. Things are ever changing in the SEO world and there are always more things you can do to improve your SEO – (i.e. website ranking) The following are tips on how to improve your SEO Relevant and Quality Content Make sure you have relevant and unique content on…

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For organic SEO, keyword resaerch, on

Steps to follow in the process of organic search engine optimization

Organic Search Engine Optimization can be defined as the process of raising the rankings of a website in search engine results for specific targeted keyword phrases. The benefits of organic Search Engine Optimization is seen in steps. First the levels of traffic (especially organic search traffic) increases, then (with well designed calls to action and landing…

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Search engine optimization is the most cost effective method of marketing and alongside other many importance

Focusing on Search Engine Optimization as the most important strategy

SEO is defined as the set of techniques and tactics used in order to increase the number of visitors to your business website. SEO is done specially for the reason of getting traffic to any website, it is an ordinary habit that consumers would surf through the basic links that are displayed on the first…

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Keyword, on-site otimization and ink building as the main component of a friendly SEO

Attracting lots of people to your website. Search engine optimization

As a business owner you know that you want lots and lots of people to visit your website. More visitors results in more sales of your product or service. Search Engine Optimization is a process by which websites are created not just to attract more traffic, but to attract targeted visitors who are likely to…

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Search engine friendly website and excellent content are core basics of SEO process

Successful inbound marketing and SEO. All about On-site optimization

The following are facets of any website that one should consider improving (maybe fixing) in order to make your website Search Engine friendly. Website Accessibility Being accessible simply means that any user can easily recognize, understand, navigate, and interact with your website. It is not only important from the users viewpoint but from the search engine…

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Major ways of attracting websites visitors. Update your website regularly

Heightening your website’s location in search engine rankings (SEO)

The most successful strategies to attract new visitors to your website rotate around heightening your website’s location in search engine rankings. This strategy is known as search engine optimization (SEO,) Some of the major ways of attracting customers to your website includes the following SEO strategies. Content writing and publishing Make sure the articles you publish on your…

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There are 3 main concerns for an SEO optimized website I.e. links, content and structure.

Search Engine Optimization: how to attract visitors to your website

Search Engine Optimization is the practice of getting traffic from the organic or natural search results on search engines. Search engines help people find websites that relate to the words and phrases they type into the search engines. Websites that have fully utilized SEO appear higher in the search results. What are the components of…

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Organic search results and Paid advertising as the main methods of generating Leads

The 2 methods of generating lead on search engine. Inbound marketing

Search Engine Optimization is a marketing tool to help marketing people and business owners achieve a number of goals. Businesses use SEO to: Multiply traffic to your website SEO increases a website’s search position for appropriate keywords in search engines like Google. Generate leads Similar to other marketing strategies, SEO helps potential customers find you by matching your…

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SEO-techniques and strategies used when attempting to improve a website’s search engine ranking.

Search Engine Optimization Difference between Black and White Hats SEO

What is the difference between white hat SEO and black hat SEO? The difference between black hat SEO and white hat SEO is all about the techniques and strategies used when attempting to improve a website’s search engine ranking. Black hat SEO can be defined as techniques and strategies used to get higher search rankings,…

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White hat SEO-process of improving websites search performance

Why are white Hat SEO techniques important to your business?

Search engine optimization is mostly a matter of content, which is the main spotlight of White Hat SEO. Quality content is increasingly one of the main major factors when it comes to SEO. White hat SEO can be defined as processes that increase your search results on a search engine while not violating the search engines guidelines for…

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Search engine optimization-the process of getting traffic to your website

SEO- Ways of getting traffic to your website using the best strategy

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is defined as the set of methods that merge strategies, techniques and tactics that are used in order to increase the number of visitors to your business website. This is performed by getting a top or high ranking position in the results page of any search engine (Google, yahoo etc.). SEO…

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