How to grow your email list

Creative tips on how to grow an engaged business email list

Everyone has trouble building their email list at first. But there really are some tried and true best practices that really do work. Email is THE BEST channel to nurture leads, but to make it work things need to be setup right. In this article, we show you the tried and true methods that work, just…

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What are the importance of good email subject line?

How to Improve your email subject lines for better results

Email is one of the best tool content marketers have at their disposal to nurture leads into customers. Compared to social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc, email is the most effective tool at nudging leads to become customers. Many people prefer receiving promotional content through email than through social media sites. A critical piece of an effective…

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How can you use analytics to improve your email campaigns?

How to use analytics to improve your email marketing campaigns

With around 250 billion emails being sent every day, how do you get yours to stand out from the crowd.   You write good subject lines. You use tools to improve your online marketing in general. When it comes to email marketing, there are several techniques to help you improve your email marketing results. In this…

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How can small businesses write emails better?

How to write emails that will deliver results for your business

People (on average) spend about 28% of their online time time on email alone. For many businesses, email marketing can be a tough thing to consider, because you have to wade through cloudy writing. Email marketing (done well) takes a lot of time. From energy spent thing (that could maybe) be used for better things, to…

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How to get people click your email and read the content

It’s said that you don’t have a second chance to make a first impression. With email marketing, your subject line is the first impression and therefore they need some work to make them the best possible. Email marketing still remains the most effective way of communicating with your customers. But getting people to actually click your email…

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How can you make people read your emails?

How to create a perfect email newsletter for your business

When you decide to do email newsletters in your business, there are many questions you need to address. Your audience inbox is crowded, busy, and spammy. How do you keep your email newsletters from being relegated to spam status, or seen but ignored? You need a thoughtful and targeted approach. When a customer signs up…

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How can you make more sales with email marketing?

How to get your small business emails a guaranteed open

Most small businesses send emails that are BORING and that’s why they don’t get opened and read. As a small business, if you are not sending emails that are useful, then there is no need of sending those emails. So how do you make your business emails worth opening? This article provides you with some tips on…

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How can small business improve their email marketing strategy?

How to improve your email marketing strategy in easy steps

Social media networks are an integral part of today’s marketing but email marketing strategy is not dead as some people say. Today’s customers look for solutions and are willing to get email from businesses when they perceive the email’s provide value. Small businesses especially depend mostly on email marketing to keep their product and/or service in the…

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How do you build targeted email campaigns?

How to be more relevant with your customers-targeted email

Have you segmented your lists? Targeted email campaigns improve conversions and boost revenues. If you don’t know the importance of sending segmented emails, you are missing opportunities to increase your ROI. People are different and react differently to the same approach. So what are the benefits of sending targeted email messages within your email campaigns? Relevance…

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How do you know that its time you need a marketing automation tool?

How important is marketing automation to starter businesses?

Is marketing automation for startups a must have? Yes. Email marketing is one of the most important tools in  any marketing professional’s arsenal, when done well. Email marketing campaigns can be created to send and receive messages, but as your number of prospects and customers grows, this process becomes complex. Automating these processes makes this managable. When…

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Email marketing tips for small businesses

How to create an email marketing strategy with automation

Marketing automation is creating a better email marketing program. You know the importance of email marketing. It’s one of the main ways small businesses communicate with their customers. You can use email marketing for more than just communicating with your buyers? Email marketing is the most effective way of nurturing leads, of converting website visitors into customer. So…

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What are the importance of automated email marketing?

How to improve lead nurturing with automated email marketing

With the introduction of marketing automation, people that it was the end of email marketing but emails are still alive. Things actually changed. Email marketing is better and earned even more importance in the customer lifecycle. Automated email marketing helps in lead nurturing thus increasing conversions. And therefore an important tool for many small businesses. But before we…

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How to make your customers feel loved with your follow up emails

How to make your customers feel comfortable with your contacts

For your sales and marketing people to be successful, they must focus on building a strong and trusting relationship with your buyers. Your prospects will consider closing a deal with you if once they trust you that you have their best interest in mind AND have a solution that meets their needs. It is important…

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How to make your email marketing strategy more effective

How to make your email marketing strategy effective with salesforce

How much time do you spend writing emails? Your email marketing strategy is like the backbone of your lead nurturing. Email is one of the best ways for businesses to build relationships with potential customers. The main reasons are: It’s cheap (compared to other forms of lead nurturing) Done right, it works! If your sales…

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How to repurpose your old content for your email

How to re purpose your old content for your email updates

Do you struggle coming up with your weekly email update? Are there weeks you get nothing and don’t send one? Maybe your or your email editor gets sick and you feel that there is a hole left in your email marketing strategy. So how do you fill that blank space? Consider re purposing your old content.…

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How to use A/B testing for better reputation and engagement

How to use A/B testing for better reputation and engagement

But what is A/B testing? Is a way of determining which of things perform better on emails, between different landing pages, and even between different blog post titles. This article focuses mainly on email, and at the end I’ll talk a bit about how to A/B test landing pages. A/B Testing Emails On this post, we…

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How to migrate to a new email service provider

How to improve your email deliverability and open rate

An email service provider (ESP) is a company through whom you route outbound email. They’re not all created equal. While some have free plans for businesses with low volumes of email, for businesses who sent a lot of email, the quality of your ESP can matter greatly. Are you satisfied with your current email service…

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Email marketing mistakes small businesses need to avoid

Significant email marketing mistakes and how to avoid them

A lot of businesses make email marketing mistakes. So many they won’t fit into one blog post. Are you one of those businesses? To help you and your team avoid some of the worst email marketing mistakes, we highlight some of them here and show you how to recover if you make them. A botched subject line Not the…

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What is the difference between marketing automation and email marketing

What is the difference between email and marketing automation?

Are high quality leads starting to flow into your business and your follow up is ineffective? If so, you’re not alone. People have opted in your email list, downloaded your eBook (or other gated content) and they need to hear from you. Now it’s time to put the right tools to use to make sure your interaction…

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How to be successful with email marketing strategy

How to avoid some of the pitfalls of email marketing

From my recent post on how inbound marketing strategies can make you a better outbound marketer, I discussed how email marketing helps close leads you attract via Inbound Marketing. With email marketing, I humbly beg you never to purchase any kind of list as it will totally kill your efforts. You will be marked as a…

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How small businesses can benefit from email marketing strategy

Tips for how to get the most out of email marketing strategy

Email marketing is a critically important piece of your online marketing when it comes to closing deals for leads you bring in via inbound marketing. This article will take you through some tips for getting the most out of your email marketing strategy. Get leads to opt into subscribing to your email Think in terms of Inbound gets people…

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Email marketing best practices for small businesses

Practices for creating emails that will help you grow your list

Many people now recognize the importance of email marketing to their business, now that technology for email marketing is both cheap and easy to use. For both big and small businesses, email is now the basis of moving prospects through their sales funnels. However, to be effective your emails must be opened. This post explains…

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What are the myhts abut email automation?

Myths about Email marketing automation for small businesses

If you don’t use Marketing Automation in your email campaigns, why not? Your competitors are starting to get the importance of this, and are starting to do it. Marketing strategies for small businesses need to be centered on customers behaviors and automated messages , sent to the right person at the right time make it so much…

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Benefits of newsletters to small businesses

Newsletters as a powerful form of email marketing strategy

Newsletters are a powerful form of email (and content) marketing, and for small businesses to be effective online, you must use one. Many people resist implementing an email marketing strategy because they fear the time and effort required for this strategy. They don’t understand why this is important or how to create an email newsletter. To learn how…

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How to grow the quality of your leads with email marketing

Many small businesses don’t email out to their customers every week because they don’t know how to. They don’t know what to say. They create excuses to not email out and communicate. Others will say that if they email their customers regularly, they will unsubscribe or see them a spammers. Email marketing is one of…

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Hto use personalization in your marketing strategies

How to make your email marketing lovable with personalization

Loveable is not a word most people associate with business email, but there are things you can do to help elicit such feelings about yours. Email marketing is one of the best strategies for your business to show of some love to your subscribers (yes it’s possible). But most emails sent by most businesses fall far short of…

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What do you do when a lead downloads your eBook?

How to increase the overall impact of your email marketing

Despite the significant advances in email marketing strategy, majority of small businesses still use the same old email campaign strategy that results in the same old results. Are you still sing the same old email marketing strategy? If so, why? Automated email marketing campaign for small businesses owners means higher engagements, click through rates and increased…

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Email marketing tips for small businesses

How to create mobile friendly emails for small businesses

Mobile access to email is getting bigger and bigger. More emails are now opened on mobile devices than on desktops. Yet many small businesses do not ensure their email’s are mobile friendly. This is a problem for them. Going mobile needs to be part of everyone’s email marketing strategy. The following are some tips that small businesses can…

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How to make your newsletters worth reading

Best ideas on how to make your newsletters worth reading

When people hear about newsletters, they start thinking “boring!”. Small business newsletters don’t have to be dull. Your newsletters should have valuable content and a unique personality so that you are able to pass few ideas to your audience. To make your newsletter worth reading, content is the key element that you must work on.…

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Common email marketing mistakes that you need to avoid

Tips on how to overcome some email marketing common mistakes

Email marketing is one of the most useful and cost effective tools for small businesses but despite this, many small businesses struggle with their email marketing campaign because they don’t know how to it correctly. Email marketing to small businesses is a great platform for brand awareness and increasing engagements with your audience. Big businesses…

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Email subject lines that increases open rates

Email subject categories and how important they are to businesses

Billions of emails are sent every single day. So how does your small business make sure your emails cut through the clutter? When people see email in their inbox, their decision to open or not is based on the subject line. The subject line is the first impression for your busy audience and therefore you MUST make it count. Remember…

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How do you build your business email list?

How to improve the health of your business email lists

Poor email marketing practices can be VERY costly, yet small businesses continue to make some really dumb mistakes that cost them visibility, and sales. An email marketing strategy is not enough. Your weekly practices must be consistent with that strategy. Let’s start with a discussion on the health of your email list (or more likely…

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3 email marketing Lessons to apply in your business

3 Lessons for the success of email marketing strategy

Can email help you find better customers? Want more great customers and fewer problem ones? I’m sure you’ve heard that for every business 80% of the business comes from 20% of the customers. How do you get more good customers and fewer problem ones? You filter then, and one of the ways you can filter…

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Turning your visitors into customers through email communication

Staying at the top of your customers mind using email

Why do email marketing? Because it works! What is meant by works? In this context it means helps turn prospects into customers. Social media is good for branding. It helps people stay aware of your brand. However studies show social media converts followers into customers. Email on the other hand converts well. Why? I personally…

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Email marketing tips for small businesses

How to use video in your email marketing strategy.

As a small business, you always look for ways to better promote your business, and let your market know that you exist, and what you can do for them. You want your product or service to succeed in getting known and helping your potential customers solve their problems. By using video in conjunction with your email…

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How to use your email marketing strategy in your small business

Integrating email and content strategies for your business

For small business, email marketing strategy if implemented properly improves the impact of your overall content marketing With email marketing for your small business, your audience remains engaged, and this helps build strong relationship with your customers. Please note that email marketing is not a successful marketing campaign on its own. Therefore, it is important…

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Importance of marketing automation to small businesses

How to increase click-through rate using email marketing

For many years, Email marketing has been an essential part of small business online marketing. However, Email marketing has undergone a broad change these past few years. What is called Marketing Automation was once too expensive for small businesses to afford it, but costs have plummeted in recent years. Marketing Automation is email marketing with…

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tips that helps you observe email marketing ethics in your small business campaigns.

How to boost your business in a great way using email marketing

For small businesses, email marketing is an effective communication tool for reaching your customers and also a good way of making and maintaining a strong relationship with your existing and new potential customers. A properly optimized email marketing strategy has many advantages to your small business including i.e. positive product/service image, enhanced credibility, strong relationship, and lead growth.…

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How to drive traffic to your landing pages. Small business marketin

How to drive traffic to your landing page. Small business marketing

After creating nice landing pages on your small business website, it’s now time to drive potential traffic to your landing pages. There are two main methods to directing traffic to your landing page. They include 1) free traffic and 2) paid traffic But….as inbound marketers, we focus on free traffic to your small business website.…

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What are the kinds of emails that keep your business top of your customers mind?

Email for small businesses. How to stay top of your customers mind.

Email marketing for small businesses Email marketing helps your product and small business remain in your customers mind. Emails serve as a polite way of reminding your customers about your small business and product or service. Generally emails from your small businesses helps you to still remain in front at the market. But……. What kinds of…

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How to increase sales and marketing in your small business using email marketing strategy

How to build trust and a strong relationship with your customers

Have you ever worried how email marketing boosts small businesses? Worry no more…. Email marketing increases sales in your small business By spreading or sharing information about your small business to your customers through emails, you give them the opportunity to see how important your product or service is to solving their problems. It’s important…

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Creating a good optimized landing page for website converstion

Importance of a good optimized landing page to small businesses

Landing page optimization is necessary for successful Inbound Marketing campaigns and many small businesses build them wrong. So what makes an effective landing page? A good landing page has the following basic elements 1) Strong Headline 2) Content that implies answers are to be found 3) Some give a way (eBook, video, etc) in which the…

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Reason for automating your small business. What should be automated and not

Small business marketing. What should you automate on your website?

Automation for small business basically mean that small business can convert traffic to leads and nurture these leads without needing a person to attend to every individual leads. This eliminates repetitive tasks that computers  are good at. Small business automation needs vary from business to business. The reason for automating your small business depends highly upon the kind of person your…

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Email marketing tips for small businesses.

Reliable Email marketing for small businesses with successful results

For small businesses, email campaigns are still an important part of your overall marketing strategy and studies show email marketing drives more sales more than other marketing tactics. If you have do not have an email marketing strategy for your small business, reconsider. Email Marketing tips for small businesses that works Calls to Action button Just as…

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How to create an Email autoresponder and get get results

How to build an autoresponder for your small business. Email marketing

An autoresponder is simply a sequence of email content delivered to people who subscribes to an email list. The sequence is triggered by some event. For example it might start when someone downloads an eBook. The emails get delivered in a certain sequence. For example one might go out every 3 days. The aim to develop a…

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Email marketing tips for successful businesses

How to use email marketing as an important strategy for your business

Many small business owners ask themselves this question. How can you make email marketing an advantageous tool for your business? Ask any successful business owner who has invested online and they will surely tell you that it hasn’t been served on a silver platter. They had to work for it. Email marketing refers to the act…

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Measuring email marketing success for small businesses

How to measure your email marketing success. Small business marketing

With so many business competing for the limited consumers available, a small business that uses email marketing to send out high-quality and relevant content that consumers desire, (what you SHOULD be doing) keeps their customers and prospects aware of who they are and what they offer. Email marketing is a cost-effective strategy for small businesses, but…

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Using an auto responder in your small business as a part of your email marketing strategy

Importance of using auto responder for your business. Email marketing

For small business to communicate with their audience and prospects, email marketing is one of the cheapest, easiest to use, and effective marketing strategies to do just that. Email marketing has many features that helps small businesses to convert prospects into leads and one the best is what is called the auto responder So what is an auto responder?…

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Email marketing strategies that will positively drive your potential customers and increase your small businesses websites traffic

Email marketing as an important channel for small businesses success.

Email marketing is a way to connect with your audience lively. It is also a more personal way of getting in touch with your target customers. Studies show that email marketing plays a significant role in helping small business owners get in touch with their prospects and stay in touch with their customers. Discussed below are…

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social media marketing is cost-effective, it has ability to reach the target audiences easily and generate more sales

Generating sales for your products and service through social media

Social media marketing is one of the most significant marketing strategies within online marketing where small businesses market their products and services on social media websites (for example Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.) Social media marketing is an important part of online marketing strategy for small businesses because social media marketing is cost-effective, it has ability to grow…

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