We're building a Digital PR Community Network

And simply put, our first attempt fell short

We developed a minimum viable product, acquired about 40 early adopters, and the initial feedback was that while we're on the right track, we missed the mark.

Our users told us the way to go is earning visibility by GIVING links

Something someone nicknamed "link credits".

The specific feedback we received is the platform needs to be retooled to be based on:

- Promoting your best content within the platform

- Showing up to other users by virtue of having accumulated "link credits"

- Which you obtain by linking to the content of other users

- The more "link credits" you have, the higher your content shows within our platform

And "link credits" are earned in two ways

Some will be provided each month with your monthly subscription, but the idea is the bulk of your link credit points come from you linking out to the best content of other users.

Of course, there are A LOT of details to work out, which is where YOU come in

We're looking for people to tell us what we need to do so this platform becomes valuable to them.

Your reward for giving us input into how we make the platform more valuable for you is that you will have free access to the tool forever.


If you think you may be interested, fill out the short form below, and we'll be in touch.

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