If we built a link exchange network, would you join?

I guess the first question is, what is a link exchange network?

It's a system where you visually "flip through" (like on a dating site) the profiles sites and pages of other  sites/pages and when you see a site that is on topic for your site and page, you ask for a link.

To make this work, people provide links to each other, where it makes sense.

The idea is we all kick start our link building by joining forces and helping each other.

And this gives us small guys an edge when competing against the big guys.

Is this something you would consider joining?

Is this something, that if there were enough users, you would consider paying a little for?

We're looking for a small group of pilot users to spec it out for us, so we can build it to their spec.

If you're interested, please complete the form below to let us know, or look at the current draft of the functional spec here.

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