What does a Digital PR Community Network make sense?

First, what is Digital PR?

Digital PR is the promotion of your best content for purposes of attracting attention, which includes links.

A Digital PR Community Network is a community network of SEO and Digital PR professionals who help each other out.

It's easier to be found, once you've already been found

One of the most interesting dynamics of SEO is that being found becomes easier after you've already been found.

Which is to say that as more sites link to your best content, it becomes easier for others to find it.

So, kickstarting your link building, or "priming the pump" if you will, through a Digital PR Community Network, helps.

What is a Digital PR Community?

What is a Digital PR Community

A Digital PR Community Network is one in which SEO and Digital PR professionals promote their best content amongst themselves, for purposes of community members linking to the sites and pages of other community members, where the links fit.

Every blog post needs outbound links.

When we point some of those links to each others content, we help each other out.

So, we built this Digital PR Community Network to help us all help each other.

We want (actually NEED) your input

In order for us to build the best Digital PR Community Network possible, we've assembled a Design Team of early adopter users.

They provided input during development, and will provide feedback, request enhancements, and vote on requested enhancements over time.

In order to build the best tool for you, we need your input.

Design Team early adopters are rewarded for helping by being provided our highest subscription level for free, forever.


If you think you may be interested in joining our Design Team, please fill out the form below.

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