While Google loves links, they hate link building, yet it’s critical to SEO success: Here is an extensive list of link building tools.

Link Building Tools for Better SEO

What Are Links? The word “link” is an abbreviation of hyperlink, and hyper means “jump”. A hyperlink is a jump from one web page to another. Components of a Link Links have two parts. Anchor text On the web page the link originates FROM, the anchor text is the text that “anchors” the link. It is…

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How significant are internal links for small businesses?

Internal Links

What are Internal links? Internal links are links from pages on your website to other pages on the same website. Not only does your website need these internal links, it needs an internal link structure where the pillar posts you publish often link to the snippet posts you publish less often. This internal link structure raises the authority of…

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Guest Posting Generates Backlinks: Business Networking Between Websites

Guest Blogging is Still a Respectable Way to Be More Known For both yourself and your website. The comment Matt Cutts made several months ago about guest posting being done as a link building tactic is valid. Guest blogging had become a SPAM tactic with firms coming into existence to publish as many poor quality posts…

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When it comes to link building, what matters most and works best?

Below is the transcript of the above video for those of you who prefer to read (and for the search engine robots who read better than they listen). === Start transcript Hello. I’m Kevin Carney of Inbound Marketing University and Today’s Inbound Marketing Minute is on the topic of link building. There’s a lot of…

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Guest Blogging is STILL an Effective Way to Build Credibility, Authority, and Backlinks

Not All Guest Blogging is SPAM In spite of what Matt Cutts said, not all guest blogging is SPAM. Guest blogging is a respectable way to increase visibility (as well as to obtain backlinks) when it’s done on reputable sites. If the Huffington Post invites you to write for them, are you going to refuse?…

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Which is better? On-topic links or off-topic links?

The Importance of Links to SEO and Inbound Marketing Success

Being Found Requires Having Been Found It’s ironic, but if you want people to find you via organic search, it’s important that other people have already found you. Google has a concept of “search signals” which are the 220+ factors that are used when ranking websites on a SERP (Search Engine Result Page). For more…

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Relationships are Key to Link Building for Inbound Marketing that Actually Generates Leads

Links Are Relationships I’ve said this over and over (and probably will continue to), but when someone else chimes in I find it hard to resist referencing their contribution to the discussion. This time it’s Andrew Dennis of Page One Power, who published an excellent article titled…. Relationships in Link Building. I won’t re-post his…

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Link Building: Quality Guest Posting is Good, is Not SPAM, and Provides Meaningful Backlinks

Guest Posting has Gotten a Bad Rap Ever since Matt Cutts stated that guest posting for SEO has become a SPAM practice and warned us all not to do it, there has been a lot of talk about whether we should or should not. The reason this discussion is even occurring is that some guest…

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Content Marketing vs Link Building for Long Term Inbound Marketing Lead Generation Results

Content Marketing vs Link Building: Another False Choice I love a good false choice. Every time I find one it gives me something to write about. In Business2Community.com, an article was just published titled…. 5 Reasons Why Content Marketing Will Always Triumph Link Building The title of the article, and the article itself position Content…

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Link Building to Increase Website Ranking is Networking and is Part of White Hat SEO

Guest Blogging for Backlinks is White Hat SEO…. Like pretty much everything, a good thing taken too far becomes a bad thing. Humility is good until you take it so far you become a doormat. Confidence is good until you take it so far you become an asshole. For quite a while, people would guest…

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Natural Links Help Your SEO, Increase Your Website Ranking, and Attract Your Crowd

This topic is continued from a prior post whose title is…. Why Link Building is Critical to Success Inbound Marketing Website Lead Generation What are “Natural” Links? Before I answer this question, let me clearly state that what Google does is pattern recognition and large scale statistical analysis. The Google Bots don’t read, think, and…

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Why Link Building is Critical to Success Inbound Marketing Website Lead Generation

Before it was Google, it was Backrub Back before Google, search engine results were OK, but not great. Google became the dominate search engine shortly after coming into existence. This happened because Google provided better search results. The difference that made the difference is their patented algorithm named PageRank, which is sort of a scoring system…

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Link Building to Increase Web Rankings, Traffic, and Leads is Relationship Building

Link Building is Relationship Building If you focus your SEO efforts in only two areas, you’ll have some search ranking success, and those two areas are: Create good strong search friendly titles. Build good links back to your pages and posts. Of course, search success is not enough (what people come to has to answers…

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Link Building to Increase SEO Traffic is Networking via Social Media and Email

Link Building is Relationship Building We’ve all heard that link building, while incredibly important to your SEO success, is in fact good old fashioned relationship building through networking. A recent article titled It’s Not (All) About The Links: Communicating For Outreach Describes this dynamic very well. You need the links, we all do. But when…

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Link Building for Increasing Visibility and Growing Your Web Traffic

Successful Link Building If there is such a thing as successful link building, there must also be such a thing as unsuccessful link building. As such, just to clear the air, let me start by listing things you should NOT do: Don’t buy links. Don’t participate in any form of automated link network. Don’t consider…

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Link Building to Grow Traffic and Increase Leads is Still Important

Google Clamps Down on Link Building? I love a good inflammatory phrase such as….. As Google clamps down on link building techniques….. What Google is clamping down on is what they’ve always clamped down on. Webspam. Link building is not dead, by any means. SPAM methods of link building are, and that is a good…

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The Importance of the New Link Building to Attract and Grow Website Traffic

Different Experts Give Different Link Building Advise A fairly recent article on MOZ contains good insights as to what does and does not provide benefits relative to your link building efforts. The title of the post is simply Link Building, and it provides access to various articles and various thoughts from leading experts about what…

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Why You Should Ignore the Anti Guest Posting for SEO Crowd (They’re Wrong)

Why You SHOULD Guest Post With the bad press that guest posting has received lately, it’s refreshing to find a post that puts a very positive spin on what is (or at least should be) a very positive effort. Both for your brand, and for your SEO. Why do Some People Think Guest Posting is…

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Why Your Link Building Strategy and Efforts Must Include Internal Links

Internal Links Must be Part of Your Link Building Strategy I scan a lot of articles published in various journals devoted to SEO, Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, etc, etc. I see many articles whose topic seems to be an odd inclusions. A good example is the recent headline Report: Smartphone Shares Flat Ahead Of iPhone…

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Link Network: How Does Google Knows a Link Was Paid For or Not?

Google Doesn’t Like Bought Links, but How do They Know? When you read articles in the various trade publications you see a lot of press about the importance of not violating Google’s guidelines for what links are valid and what links are invalid. But how can Google tell? The Obvious Ones Are Google maintains a…

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Increasing Web Traffic and Leads through Relationship and Link Building

White Hat Link Building Only Please When Google announces they are clamping down on practices such as guest blogging as a mean to acquire back links, what they really mean (and Matt Cutts says so) is they are clamping down on ways of acquire back links they consider to be SPAM or cheating. Link building…

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How and Why Buying Links Will Hurt Your Search Ranking and Web Traffic

Simply Put, Do Not EVER Buy Backlinks Prior posts discussed the nature of link building efforts, and presented concrete examples on the spectrum of techniques people use. The prior posts all discussed acceptable link building methods (a few were left out and will appear in future posts). This post describes places you should NEVER go,…

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When Do Your Link Building Practices Become SPAM Link Network Stuff

SPAM Backlinks vs Good Backlinks Prior posts discuss how backlinks are critical to your Inbound Marketing success but that they are ways of obtaining backlinks that are good while other ways are bad. Link Networks: Growing Website Traffic via SPAM Techniques and Tricks Growing Your Website Traffic with Backlinks Without Using a Link Network This…

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Growing Your Website Traffic with Backlinks Without Using a Link Network

The Slippery Slope of Backlink Acquisition A prior post explained why backlinks are so important to your search result ranking and started explaining how link networks are both poorly understand, and dangerous. The issue is not the acquisition of links from other websites. The issue is HOW you go about this. There are some practices…

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Why you SHOULD be part of a link network and how to avoid penalties

If you pay attention to industry news, you know that Google punished members of a few European link networks last week. Which leads to the extremely valid question of… Exactly what is a link network? To answer that question, let’s ask Google: Per kontrolit.net, the answer is: A link network ignores quality in favour of…

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Local SEO Marketing | Link Building is Relationship Building

As discussed in a prior post on Link Building, you want the links you send to other websites and the links you receive from other websites to be “on topic”. If your website is about interior design, both your incoming and outgoing links should be from and to websites with similar topics (designers, contractors, etc).…

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Local SEO Marketing | Link Building in a Post Penguin World

Not too long ago (pre Penguin) link building was about acquiring links from other websites to pages on your website. In our post Penguin world, the way you approach link building for your local SEO marketing effort has changed, whether you know it or not. In the past the quality of a link was always…

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