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Getting your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) right is not quick and is not easy, but when you get it dialed in right, it carries your business.

It explains to people in very few seconds what your company is all about. It allows people to know what you can do for them, without requiring them to think.

But…. Getting it right takes time, effort, testing, and iteration after iteration after iteration. But going through the effort helps in so many other areas of your business, that you can’t afford not to spend time working out what yours is.

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Kevin Carney
Kevin Carney

Kevin embarked on his career in SEO in 2010 when he helped a modest remodeling company. His journey, initially focused on assisting startups, evolved into mentoring small businesses. Over time, Kevin developed a keen interest in the concept of a "digital marketing divide". This interest was piqued by the stark advantage that large brands with substantial budgets held over their smaller counterparts. As a result, Kevin channeled his interest into a mission to establish a structured platform and community for Digital PR content promotion, specifically tailored to link building for smaller businesses. The culmination of his efforts resulted in the creation of a professional-grade Digital PR content promotion platform and community. Kevin invites you to explore this platform, where businesses of all sizes can benefit from strategic link-building opportunities and more equitable digital marketing practices:

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