Image shows a woman talking into a metal can with a string attached and is representative of communication, or in this specific instance, communicating your Unique Selling Proposition to the market.
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Communicating your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) starts while you’re testing it, and continues after you think you’ve got it right.

When you come to the realization you’ve got a product that solves a real solution and you’ve dialed in your messaging (via A/B testing) to where people are responding and buying, you get active.

You talk to people in the industry, you interact in social media groups on your topic, etc.

The Value of the Two or Three Word Slogan

This is part of the philosophy of “Don’t make them think”.

This can be hard to do, but try to make it so easy for someone to understand your USP that you’re able to express it (or a significant portion of it) in a three-word slogan.

In case you’re skeptical about the value of the Three Word Slogan, Donald Trump became President of the United States through effective use of three word (and shorter) slogans: Lock her up, Build the wall, Throw him out, Winning again, Believe me, etc. Trump so gets the value of the three word slogan that he’s already trademarked “Keep American Great” to use in the 2020 election.

Condensing your USP into a three word slogan requires some thought, discussion with others, and testing.

And it works.

Test Your USP Again

I know I keep saying “test, test, test”, but it’s very important so I’m saying it again.

Try your slogans out on people (in person, via social media, and via paid ads) and see if they get what you’re trying to say. If they do, put the effective one in the inventory of effective ones. If they don’t, discard the ineffective one, then create and test a new one.

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Kevin Carney

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