Conversion is often considered to be when someone completes a purchase.

While this is true, conversion is also the smaller steps people take during their buying process.

What is website conversion?
Website conversion is the visitors going to the next step

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It’s a process

When someone goes through the process of deciding to buy from you, they follow a certain series of decisions, whether they’re aware of this or not.

While the sequence of decisions may differ some from person to person, on average it is remarkably similar.

I’ll use Organic Growth as an example.

The general process people go through is:

They come to understand:

  1. Topical authority matters
  2. Building links helps
  3. This is something they can do
  4. Our platform and tutorials will help
  5. It’s not very much work and the upside is huge
  6. They should join

So on my website, I need to walk them through that process.

The Buyers Journey

The high-level name we give to the series of conversion steps is The Buyers Journey.

The reverse of the buyers’ journey is your Sales Funnel, which is your model of the decision process your existing customers went through in the process of becoming your customer.

Since the people who buy from you go through a decision process, you need to know what it is.

So to understand your sales funnel, talk to recent customers to understand the series of decisions they went through.

Examples of website conversions

In more general terms, website conversion refers to a number of different actions.

The list includes (but is not necessarily limited to):

  • Opt-In to the mail list
  • Download something
  • View video
  • Register for webinar
  • Make a phone call
  • Share a blog post
  • Fill out a Contact Us form

You then use lead nurturing (through marketing automation) to stay in touch and nudge them to the next step, and the next, and the next, until they become a customer.

Always keep in mind that an increase in your conversion rate means uplifting your profit margin.

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Kevin Carney
Kevin Carney

Kevin embarked on his career in SEO in 2010 when he helped a modest remodeling company. His journey, initially focused on assisting startups, evolved into mentoring small businesses. Over time, Kevin developed a keen interest in the concept of a "digital marketing divide". This interest was piqued by the stark advantage that large brands with substantial budgets held over their smaller counterparts. As a result, Kevin channeled his interest into a mission to establish a structured platform and community for Digital PR content promotion, specifically tailored to link building for smaller businesses. The culmination of his efforts resulted in the creation of a professional-grade Digital PR content promotion platform and community. Kevin invites you to explore this platform, where businesses of all sizes can benefit from strategic link-building opportunities and more equitable digital marketing practices: https://organicgrowth.biz.

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