Google hires people to rate websites as to their quality

Google Search Quality Ratings: Introduction

What does it mean for a webpage to be a “high quality“? While to most people this term seems subjective, Google puts enormous efforts into quantifying our subjective experience of “quality” when it comes to web pages. Human Raters To achieve this end, Google hires human raters who rate webpages as to their quality based…

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backlinks, inbound marketing, seo

Back links

Back links are links from webpages on sites other than your site, than “link back” to pages on your website. The image above should help illustrate the idea. Back links are critically important to the success of your SEO. In the early days of Google, back links were THE search signal, and while there are now…

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A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is: "[the] version of a new product which allows a team to collect the maximum amount of validated learning about customers with the least effort" — Eric Ries.

What makes a good Minimum Viable Product?

Have you (or has anyone you know) failed with “Build it and they will come.”? I’m currently reading The Lean Startup in preparation for us developing a software product which will make content marketing both easier to learn and easier to do on a day to day basis. While I know there is need for…

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It's important that your business blog posts actually say something rather than "just" repeat what others already have.

How to Ensure Your Blog Posts Actually Say Someting

Content is King! Yes we know. We’ve all heard this all before. We don’t need to hear this again. I’m not sure anyone believes that more strongly than I do, having direct experience with the marketing benefits of regular and effective blogging. But unfortunately this belief in the value of business blogging has resulted in…

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The full spectrum of social media platforms on which you can market your products and services.

How to automate social media participatation

Can you really automate social media participation? Not fully. At least not yet. One day Artificial Intelligence will progress to the point where a software bot can read a social media post and draft an excellent and maybe thought provoking reply, but we’re not there yet. You can automate only part of your overall social media participation.…

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Marketing automation companies and software programs

Lead nurturing: How to get started with marketing automation

Marketing automation is a form of email marketing that is very sophisticated. It is both the most effective and the most difficult to implement of your email marketing options. What makes marketing automation so powerful is the email’s you queue up are “chained together” with if-then statements. When an email is sent, whether it was…

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How does social media contribute to the SEO ranking of your website?

How Social Media Contributes to Your SEO Ranking

According to Google, Social Media likes and shares are not taken into account when Google presents web pages in a search engine result page (SERP). This was first said by Matt Cutts (of Google) in a video in Jan of 2014. In Aug of 2015 John Mueller (also of Google) said the same thing. In…

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How do you systematize the publishing of content to your business blog

Can (and Should) You Systematize Your Content Creation?

The short answer is yes. In general (there are a few exceptions, but the rule is) Google provides higher ranking for websites that are both updated more often and contain more content (are larger). You want your website to rank? Within your niche you’ve got to publish frequently and build up a large repository of…

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Why publishing to your website under your URL is critical for online marketing success

How to make your website your digital hub (under your URL)

Before I get to how, let me first explain why I have personally known business owners who built up an impressive following on their Facebook business page. Lots of followers, lots of engagements, indications it is leading to real business bringing in real money. Then about a year ago Facebook updates their algorithm and almost…

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Robert Ryan (SEO consultant, Ireland) has proven that blogging is the key to successful SEO.

Why Business Blogging is THE CORE to Successful SEO

The discussion of the importance of blogging to SEO can now cease. Robert Ryan, an SEO consultant in Ireland, conducted an experiment whose conclusion is definitive. In summary…. he built up a website to a health level of traffic. He then stopped blogging for 251 days (8 months and 7 days) then compared traffic levels…

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