What else can you do with marketing automation?

Marketing automation- How to go beyond demand generation

Almost every small business owner knows and understands that marketing automation is a benefit for their demand generation. Marketing automation not only drives potential customer’s awareness and interest in a business’s product or service. It can do so much more. Some small business marketers use marketing automation only for demand generation. They are missing a…

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What are the tips of increasing your content views?

How to effectively increase interactions on your blog posts

Many small businesses create fantastic content but neglect to consider how they are going to promote it when it’s finished. When you spend significant time and effort creating content but you don’t see views to your content, you will start doubting your ability. When your content does not receive views, it might mean that you did…

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How can you increase content engagement of your blogs?

How to Increase content engagement on Your business blog

Creating content that your audience will enjoy can be a challenge. But there are ways to stand out above the rest. The following are some ways to increase content engagement on your blog. Know your target audience and how you can assist them You create blogs with purposes. Knowing who to talk to is very…

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Why should content marketers have SEO skills?

How to integrate SEO and content marketing strategies

The main work of search engine optimization is to publish content that is sought after. Small business online marketing strategies are shifting and for you to be a good content marketer, you must know about search engine optimization. And to be good at SEO, you must publish quality content. As a small business, if you…

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How can ou increase your conversions with google analytics?

How to increase your conversion rate with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an excellent tool that provides data to act on. Google Analytics is an important tool for examining your website data to make informed decisions to improve your performance. How can this tool affect your conversions? Small businesses can use data from Google analytics to measure their strength and adjust as necessary. This article…

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How to attract and engage followers on twitter

How to create a Twitter account that attracts loyal followers

Small businesses seeking to grow their twitter followers need a concentrated effort because the road to social media marketing success can be difficult. You’re in competition with short attention spans and other businesses also competing for the attention of the same people. With the prevelance of twitter, it’s no secret that Twitter is a platform…

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Is your small business ready for marketing automation?

How to be ready for your marketing automation strategy

Are you ready for marketing automation? Many small businesses have jumped onto marketing automation strategy because it allows them get more done in less time. A marketing automation system can do the following for you: Automate email and social media campaigns. Integrate common marketing tasks. Consolidate data on website visitor behaviors., and other key metrics;…

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What is the role of Reputation in the Google Quality Rating Guidelines?

Google Search Quality Ratings: Website Reputation

This post is a part of a series of posts that informs you as to how Google defines quality in respect to web pages.  The latest release of Google’s Search Quality Ratings Guidelines has given a pretty good insight on the role of website reputation in their search results. Google has stressed the importance of the rater’s…

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How can you make more sales with email marketing?

How to get your small business emails a guaranteed open

Most small businesses send emails that are BORING and that’s why they don’t get opened and read. As a small business, if you are not sending emails that are useful, then there is no need of sending those emails. So how do you make your business emails worth opening? This article provides you with some tips on…

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How can you use videos in your marketing automation?

How to use videos in your marketing automation campaigns

For small businesses, videos are entertaining, scalable, digestible, shareable, and helpful for lead generation. You then use marketing automation strategies follow up with those new leads to drive more qualified leads. Videos and marketing automation work together effectively and achieve great benefits for your small business. Marketing automation allows you to send the right content…

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