A Private Blog Network (PBN) is a privately owned network of servers that have obtained high domain authority via some means (generally via what where called Black Hat SEO techniques) and from which links to other websites are sold.

What is a private blog network?
Private blog network

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Joining a Private Blog Network

In a word, don’t.

Private Blog Networks were, for the most part, rendered ineffective in 2013 or 2014 via one of the Google algorithm updates, yet you still occasionally find people trying to sell links from their Private Blog Networks.

Risks and consequences

The reality is, some private blog networks are still providing their customers with SEO boosts, but as Google rolls out more and more algorithm updates, the SEO boost some sites see from being part of a PBN disappears.

And when it does it disappears overnight.

Alternatives to a Private Blog Network

Simply put, publish and promote content that is deemed to be high quality per the Google Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines, a link to which can be found here.

Consider joining a link earning community of some sort, whether it be a slack channel, a LinkedIn group, or ours.

Need to boost your topical authority?

Should you join a PBN?


As much as there are people who promote the pros of private blog networks like control, instant authority, etc., the following are three reasons why you should NOT join a PBN.


As Google updates their algorithm (which occurs almost every day) they undo ways people game the system. One such trick to game the system (that used to work) was the use of Private Blog Networks. However Google has rendered them ineffective.

Uisng the services of a private blog network places your sites ranking at risk.

Your sites can have their ranking reduced and even be de-indexed for having Unnatural Inbound Links.


Developing and maintain a network is very costly. For that reason the cost of links from private blog networks can be high.

In closing

If someone approaches you with an offer to sell you high authority links to your website, be VERY skeptical.

If you have ANY doubts as to the legitimacy of what they’re selling, do not buy.

Need to boost your topical authority?

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Kevin Carney

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