How to create pillar blog post for your business?

Pillar posts

A pillar post is one that is well researched, well written, longer (than a snippet post) and reads more like a white paper or tutorial than a snippet.

A pillar post is a substantive and informative piece of content on a specific topic.

While Snippet Posts are generally 200 to 300  words long, pillar posts are generally much longer.

At least 500 words but as long as you need them to be to convey the information. Basically, a pillar post is a large piece which can be broken down into various sections.

While snippet posts are published multiple times each day, pillar posts are generally published much less often. Depending on the quality of your pillar posts and the amount of effort needed to create them, maybe once a week, maybe once a month.

There is no exact formula for creating a pillar blog post however, the following are some characteristics that a pillar post need to have.

  1. The “How-To” Article

Article that teaches how to do something.

  1. The Definition Article

Articles that clearly defines concepts and how it can be implemented.

A glossary article is a good pillar article.

  1. Present a Theory or Argument

Present well thought out ideas,  the analysis behind them, and evidence to support them. That is what makes for a good pillar post.

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