This blog post details the software upgrades made as a result of some early adopter users, and myself, finding errors and making enhancement requests.


Enhancements are divided into two categories, functional and cosmetic.


Multiple pages

We implemented a screen name limit of 16 characters. Users had selected screen names longer than we anticipated, and this was causing text fields to wrap.

There are now red question marks scattered on various pages. When you click one, a display widget pops up with information relevant to that page and to that part of the page.

Things that a User CAN click on, that are not buttons, are now red.

Sites page

Buttons that you SHOULD click on (and in one case MUST) are now red. They turn blue after you’ve done whatever that button provides for you to do.

Search page

If you had previously entered only one Site and entered at least one URL to promote for that Site, the system selects that Site for you. After all, when you have only one possible selection you can make, why not let the system make it for you?

Link Requests page

When a Link Request was initially sent, the on-screen message about waiting three days before you can send a reminder was worded as if a reminder had already been sent. This was confusing and is now fixed.

When a User rejects a link request, they can now enter a reason as to why they did so.

A User can now send the other user a Message about a specific link request.

A link that has been previously rejected can now be unrejected. Look for the red question mark next to the text saying “Rejected” for information. This is the ONLY clickable text in the system that is not red, as while we want people to be able to do this, we don’t want it to be too obvious. So instead of making the text red, we put a red question mark next to it.

Messages and Link Requests page

The Design Team strongly wanted anonymity within the system, which is why we display screen names and not email addresses. However, when we implemented email notifications for Messages, Link Requests, and Link Request notifications, we (actually I – Kevin) included the user sending the email as a cc, not a bcc. Thereby revealing the email address of the user in the email header. All the email notifications have been changed to use bcc rather than cc to prevent this.



Clicking the logo in the header takes you to the dashboard page.

Sites page and Search page

On the Sites page, the subscription level of “Site” was moved on the screen to be adjacent to the display of the Site contacts screen name.

This was also done on the Search page.


Sites page

We fixed an error that prevented a user from entering a Site if any other user had previously entered that site.

We fixed the footer links. Previously they were not clickable.

Search page

There was an issue where a User could select one of their domains from the dropdown menu even when there were no URLs available (entered) to promote for that domain. This created a problem later, on the Message page, when the user sent a Link Request, and there were no URLs available to select in the dropdown menu of URLs. So the dropdown menu contained no selections. This is now fixed.

Kevin Carney
Kevin Carney

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