IMPORTANT: While the post contains the registration URL at the end, please read this post before you register, as the concepts described in this tutorial are important to understand.

The Digital PR Community Network is a portal in which SEO, Digital PR, and Link Building professionals promote their best content to each other.

This tutorial post provides an overview of how you use the network and contains links to other tutorial posts that contain specific detail for various functions.

General concepts


Within the tool, you establish and are known by a screen name. It is a name you simply make up. The only restriction is you can not use a name someone else is already using.

Your email address is not revealed to other users of the system, nor do you see theirs (with the exception of you can in some instances see email addresses of other members of your team).

In fact, until you send a Link Request, the user you’re communicating with knows only a few things about your site (Moz Domain Authority, Content Niche, etc), but not the URL.


When an individual registers as a user, they become a Team Lead. They can add other members to their team if they wish. The Team Lead of a team can be changed at a later date if this is ever deemed necessary.

Primary intent

Users within the system select a “primary intent” of which there are two.

You specify either that you’re interested in “exchange” activities that include link swaps, guest posting, co-marketing partnerships, etc.

Or you specify that you’re interested in “commerce” activities that include the buying and selling of links and or guest posts.

Exchange users and commerce users do not see each other in the network.

Content niche

You identify the content niche of each of your sites.

When you’re later searching for sites and other users, the content niche is an available search filter.

We’re using the IAB V2 content taxonomy, and at this stage are using their most broad (tier 1) categories.

As the network gets more crowded in the future, it may make sense to use the tier 2 categories, but we’ll reassess that later as the network gets more crowded.

Subscription levels

The subscription levels are:

  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze
  • Free (bronze level – but free for initial users)

Subscription levels are a level of segregation within the system.

Platinum users can see and contact all other members. Gold users can see and contact gold level users and below. Silver users can see and contact silver level users and below. Etc, etc.

This segregation was created because members of the Design Team felt it important that there be parts of the system that are open to everyone, and parts of the system that are open only to more serious link builders.

Members of a team can be subscribed to different level subscriptions.

Functions within the Digital PR Community Network


Submit, review, and vote on enhancement requests (after you’re registered of course)

Change or set your screen name

Add a team member

Join as a Team Member

Enter the systems and URLs you’re promoting

Search for sites and site contacts

Exchange messages with contacts for other sites

Exchange link requests with contacts for other sites

Manage link requests

Rate other users

The Registration URL is…

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