What is Metadata? What is metadata and why is it as important as data?

How to influence your web page’s relevancy- The value of metadata

What is metadata and why is it as important as data? Understand that “meta” means “about”, so metadata is data about data. Metadata is information that’s kept in the HTML code of a web page specifically for search engines robots to better understand what that page is about. Metadata consist of A title tag A Meta description…

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How to invest in search engine optimization for higher ranking

How to generate traffic and boost your conversions with SEO

What is your best way to generate website traffic? While paid advertising delivers traffic in the very near term, long term  search engine optimization has the best ROI  and iis the best way to generate traffic that converts. There are plenty of channels for  generating traffic to your website, but nothing really compares to search…

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What is search engine optimization?

How to get the chance of being found online with SEO tricks

For both small and big businesses, Search Engine Optimization, is more than just a nice-to-have these days. Search engine optimization is a necessity for on the internet, especially those who rely on the internet daily. Search engine optimization is all about maximizing the highest possible number of visitors to your business website. Search engine optimization…

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What is SEO and why is it important?

Why images are important and how to rank first on Google image

As a business working to generate leads, it is very important to get on the first page of Google. 91% of searchers do not go beyond the first page when sifting through search results. How do you land on the first page of search results? Publish good stuff, and often. But don’t neglect website images.…

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How do you write an SEO-friendly content?

How to create SEO-friendly content for your organization

Creating content on your business website is important but it is more important when your content ranks high on search engine results page. This is because top SERP positions can be easily lost. If you want to reach a wider audience with your content, this article guides you on how to create search engine friendly…

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Are links still important to small businesses?

Why backlinks are still important to small businesses SEO

Search engine optimization has the power to transform your business by earning valuable organic traffic from search engines. But to succeed you must implement a few best practices, one of which is link building. Link building as a part of your search engine optimization strategy? For small businesses, links can be incredibly challenging to earn. But remember…

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How do you create SEO-friendly content?

How to provide content that satisfies searchers and Google

When writing a new page for your business website, it needs to be SEO-friendly content for Google and the other search engines. But what does that mean? This article will walk you through the steps of optimizing your content for search engines. Choose the right keyword phrases In the context of search optimization, a keyword…

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What are the fundamentals of search engine optimization?

SEO Fundamentals that every small business website should have

By understanding how to improve your search engine optimization and getting it right will increase your investments returns. In small business online marketing, search engine optimization plays a great role. Search engine optimization is a significant aspect to small business and there are some fundamentals that will make it a success if taken with care.…

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What are the importance of videos in search engine optimization?

How to use videos to pursue your SEO and social marketing

In online marketing for small businesses, online videos has become an integral element. Streaming video was observed as entertainment for many people but today, video is taken as an advertising platform for businesses because of its wide and fast broadcast. Many people believe that videos are important for your SEO and Social Media Strategy and…

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How to increase your search rankings with Google tools

How to supercharge your SEO with important Google tools

Search Engine Optimizing for your business website is a constant process. It’s a bit like the instructions on the shampoo bottle of “lather, rinse, repeat”. Luckily, Google has been collecting data on websites that we can use when we are trying to figure out how to improve our search rankings. In this article we’ll discuss…

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