How can you use analytics to improve your email campaigns?

How to use analytics to improve your email marketing campaigns

With around 250 billion emails being sent every day, how do you get yours to stand out from the crowd.   You write good subject lines. You use tools to improve your online marketing in general. When it comes to email marketing, there are several techniques to help you improve your email marketing results. In this…

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How can small businesses write emails better?

How to write emails that will deliver results for your business

People (on average) spend about 28% of their online time time on email alone. For many businesses, email marketing can be a tough thing to consider, because you have to wade through cloudy writing. Email marketing (done well) takes a lot of time. From energy spent thing (that could maybe) be used for better things, to…

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How to get people click your email and read the content

It’s said that you don’t have a second chance to make a first impression. With email marketing, your subject line is the first impression and therefore they need some work to make them the best possible. Email marketing still remains the most effective way of communicating with your customers. But getting people to actually click your email…

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How can you make people read your emails?

How to create a perfect email newsletter for your business

When you decide to do email newsletters in your business, there are many questions you need to address. Your audience inbox is crowded, busy, and spammy. How do you keep your email newsletters from being relegated to spam status, or seen but ignored? You need a thoughtful and targeted approach. When a customer signs up…

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How can you make more sales with email marketing?

How to get your small business emails a guaranteed open

Most small businesses send emails that are BORING and that’s why they don’t get opened and read. As a small business, if you are not sending emails that are useful, then there is no need of sending those emails. So how do you make your business emails worth opening? This article provides you with some tips on…

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How can small business improve their email marketing strategy?

How to improve your email marketing strategy in easy steps

Social media networks are an integral part of today’s marketing but email marketing strategy is not dead as some people say. Today’s customers look for solutions and are willing to get email from businesses when they perceive the email’s provide value. Small businesses especially depend mostly on email marketing to keep their product and/or service in the…

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How do you build targeted email campaigns?

How to be more relevant with your customers-targeted email

Have you segmented your lists? Targeted email campaigns improve conversions and boost revenues. If you don’t know the importance of sending segmented emails, you are missing opportunities to increase your ROI. People are different and react differently to the same approach. So what are the benefits of sending targeted email messages within your email campaigns? Relevance…

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How do you know that its time you need a marketing automation tool?

How important is marketing automation to starter businesses?

Is marketing automation for startups a must have? Yes. Email marketing is one of the most important tools in  any marketing professional’s arsenal, when done well. Email marketing campaigns can be created to send and receive messages, but as your number of prospects and customers grows, this process becomes complex. Automating these processes makes this managable. When…

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Email marketing tips for small businesses

How to create an email marketing strategy with automation

Marketing automation is creating a better email marketing program. You know the importance of email marketing. It’s one of the main ways small businesses communicate with their customers. You can use email marketing for more than just communicating with your buyers? Email marketing is the most effective way of nurturing leads, of converting website visitors into customer. So…

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What are the importance of automated email marketing?

How to improve lead nurturing with automated email marketing

With the introduction of marketing automation, people that it was the end of email marketing but emails are still alive. Things actually changed. Email marketing is better and earned even more importance in the customer lifecycle. Automated email marketing helps in lead nurturing thus increasing conversions. And therefore an important tool for many small businesses. But before we…

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