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We've built a Link Earning Community

Which is what?

As it's different from other link building practices, understanding what it IS is helped by first listing what it's NOT

It is NOT a PBN.

It is NOT sending and receiving link request email.

It is NOT (yet) a full Digital PR platform (as it does not yet include journalists).

It is NOT a mini search engine.

Why did we build it?

Blog posts and articles need outbound links which act as citations and provide backup or further information for some idea or topic.

To Google, these act as citations and reference.

We are all used to searching the web for, and linking to, such content.

What if there was a community of serious digital PR and SEO professionals, content writers, etc, who first looked for such outbound linking targets within the community, and by virtue of linking to high-quality content published by other members of the community, gained greater visibility within the community for THEIR quality content?

By looking, and linking first within the community, we create a rising tide that lifts all boats.

So what is it?

It's a social network narrowly focused on digital PR content promotion.

The goal of course IS high-quality links to your high-quality content.

But the focus is on high-quality, rather than high-quantity.

Is it link building?

It is content promotion for purposes of earning links to high quality content, so from that perspective, it is.

It is however NOT high-volume low-quality link building.

You promote your best stuff

Right now to other website owners.

Later to journalists.

The more you cite the quality content of others, the more visible yours become

When you link to the quality content of others, your quality content becomes more visible within the platform.

Free Forever (for now), since we're the new kid on the digital PR block

Since this is a new "network effect" platform that has value when others use it too, we are "seeding" it with FREE FOREVER subscriptions.

In order for us to charge others for it later, you can get a FREE FOREVER subscription now.

Again, FREE FOREVER subscriptions are available to those who act now.