Why Are Small Business SEO Packages Almost Universally Ineffective?

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Before I starting  teaching small businesses how to do this themselves, I did it for larger businesses with larger budgets. My financial threshold for whether we could work together or not depending on your being able to budget a minimum of $2,500 per month to the effort.

But the small businesses I most want to help are being left behind because they can't afford that kind of money.

Then about 10 months ago I realized the way to bring the power of Inbound Marketing to small business is to teach them how to do it themselves, which I now do through an online school and community.

While the knowledge of how to do this is important, the community to work within is equally important. Both of which are available to you for the small monthly subscription of $47.

What you get for the monthly subscription is:

  • Access to the online lessons that are formatted as short, focused, how to style lessons.
  • Access to the online students forum for questions and answers.
  • Access to the weekly coaching session, of which there are two:
    • Via Google Hangouts every Wednesday at 11 am Central time
    • For those of you in or near Austin, Texas, we meet live Wednesday evenings at a Coworking space in East Austin.

When you know you need to create or increase your online presence, consider joining us.

I don't promise overnight riches or 1,000 high quality leads by the end of the month, but I do share a system that is tried and true.

I myself have done it successfully over and over and over, and people whom I taught who did the work have also done it successfully.

At this point, please watch the video presentation and submit your questions to me as they occur to you.

I look forward to seeing your questions, and helping you grow your online presence.

To your success!!

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