Before you can use the network, you need to register and subscribe.

Start at the URL:

Which redirects you to

On the page you see below, select the big blue button: Register.


Select a subscription level

For now, while the network is new and lightly populated, we’re letting people subscribe for free. So as long as there are free subscriptions available, we suggest you take one.


Fill out the form

You enter your email address twice, your desired password twice, and the screen name you wish to be known by within the network.

If you plan on adding team members, select the checkbox for that, and provide your preferred team name.

You can create any screen name and team name that isn’t already in use.

Only after all fields are entered does the Join button appear.


See the email verification notice

EmailVerificationNotice 1

Find the verification email

Go to the inbox whose email address you registered with, and find the verification email.

The email is from “Organic Growth: do not reply” and the subject line is “Email verification for [email address]”.

Find and copy the six-character email verification code.

VerificationEmail 2

Paste the email verification code into the registration page

Return to the registration process, and in the email verification notice, select: Click here to enter the email verification code.

You will then see an input field.

Paste the email verification code into the input field, then select the button: Verify email code.


Enter payment information

Why do you need to enter payment information for a free subscription costing $0 a month?

Because every subscription must be processed the same way.

You will process your credit card through Stripe, our payment processor, but your subscription will be $0 a month unless you upgrade to a higher level later.

For the record, “free” and “bronze” are the same, so if you have a free subscription, it makes no sense to ever upgrade to bronze. They provide the same access within the network.

After entering your payment information into the Stripe payment screen, select the blue button: Subscribe, after which it will turn green, then return to you the Digital PR Community Network.


Set your User Intention Type

You CAN NOT change this once you’ve set it, so know which one you want.

The choices are exchange or commerce.

When you select one, you see to the right of the selection what they include.

To see what the “other” one contains, unselect what you’ve selected, then select the other.

Select the Profile menu in the header (initially in red).

Select either exchange or commerce.

Select: Save


Your registration and subscription are now complete

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