This post details how you, as a Team Member, access the network after your Team Lead adds you to their team.

Find Your Activation Email

An activation email was sent to the email address your team lead registered for you. Go to that inbox and find it.

The subject line is “Your Link Building Community password”.

The email looks like the image below. To create (actually change) your password, select the link in the email.


Enter your password, twice

Enter your password twice, then select: Confirm.


Set your screen name and user intention type

You should be taken to your Profile screen. If you’re not, select Profile from the menu in the header.

You need to set your screen name, which can be any name not used by anyone else, and your user intention type, which is either “exchange” or “commerce”.

CAUTION: Once you set your user intention type, you CAN NOT change it, so be sure you set it as you want because you only get one chance to do so.

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