This post details how you as a Team Lead add a Team Member to your team.

Start on the Team Page

Select the Team menu in the header, then select the button: Add New Team Member.

Start 1

Enter Email Address, Select Subscription Level

Enter their email address, then select their subscription level from the dropdown menu.

The free subscription level appears for your team members when you have an early adopter free subscription level. In terms of functionality, free and bronze are the same, so if you have a free subscription, there is no reason to subscribe your team member to a bronze subscription.


Select: Add team member

Select the button: Add team member. This takes you to the Stripe payment page.


Select: Subscribe

Stripe defaults to using the same credit card you used when you signed up for your subscription. To use this card, simply select “Subscribe”. If you wish to use a different card, select the link “Change”.


Once the payment processing is complete, you’re done

Done 2

Now the Team Member finds their activation email

Which is the topic of the next tutorial post.

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