This post details how you add your sites, and the URLs on those sites you’re going to promote.


  1. Add the site
  2. Identify what the site is “offering”
  3. Identify the Content Niche
  4. Add one or more URLs
  5. Archiving URLs

Add the Site

Be on the page Sites, which you access via the Sites menu in the header. The number displayed in that header menu item is the number of sites added by you and other members of your team.

Select the button: Add Site


On the next screen, paste in a URL from the target site.

NOTE: The URL MUST start with either http:// or https://.

After you paste in the URL, hit the tab key to cause the Save button to become clickable, then select the button: Save.


After which you see the site is added, which can take several seconds, as an outside service is accessed to obtain the SEO-specific details for the domain.


Either add more sites or select the button Dismiss to stop adding sites.

Identify what the site is “offering”

Offering refers to how you’re planning for your site to be available to others within the network.

What you can offer depends on your primary user intention of either exchange or commerce. Examples of what you can provide are “link exchange” and “guest posting”, which means you’re willing to provide links to others and you’re providing to accept guest posts from others.

To identify what your site is offering, select the button: Offering.


This displays a selection widget. Select what you’re interested in offering. This causes the Save button to appear. Once your selections are final, select the Save button.

You can also deselect something if you change your mind later.


After you hit the Save button, your “offering” selections are saved, and they show up within your site profile.


To dismiss the offerings selection widget, select the button Dismiss.


Identify the Content Niche

The network uses the IAB V2 content taxonomy, which is an international standard on how to categorize website content.

This content taxonomy has four tiers, each one more detailed than the prior tier.

For now, the Digital PR Community Network is using only tier 1.

As the network gets more crowded, it will probably make sense later to use one of the more detailed tiers.

To identify the content niche of your site, select the button Niche.


This displays the content niche selection widget. You can select one and only one content niche for your website.

Scroll up and down and select the content niche that most closely describes your website.

As soon as you make a selection, your site’s profile is updated with your content niche.

When you’re finished, select the button Dismiss.


Add one or more URLs

To start adding URLs, select the button URLs. The number in the button is the number of URLs being promoted for this site.


Paste in the URL, hit the tab key to make the Add button clickable, then select the Add button.


It takes a few seconds to add the URL as we use an outside service via an API call to get the URLs title tag.


Add as many URLs as you plan to promote.


Archiving URLs

As you can see, you can archive specific URLs when you’re not actively promoting them. You can also unarchive URLs you previously archived.

This is relevant because later when you request a link, you will select from a dropdown menu of your active URLs. That list will not include URLs you’ve archived.

When You’re Done

Select the Dismiss button in the Add URL widget, and the widget goes away.

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