Social Media Marketing vs Inbound Marketing

Could it be the right frequency with which to post to Social Media is never?

Kind of, sort of.

Please refer to the Google Analytics chart at the top of this post.

The student whose website activity it shows took a class at International Technological University in downtown San Jose titled Marketing with Social Media or some such, which was in fact a bit of a misnomer as the focus was Inbound Marketing, not Facebook, not Twitter, not Pinterest, not any of what we consider to be Social Media networking.

Notice the frequent spikes at the beginning.

That is where she published something to her website, then sent out an update to her social media followers asking them to come see what it was.

They came, every week.

But every week fewer and fewer came.

Why? Because social media updates are interruptions. We’re busy people, leading busy lives. When I get the same interruption over and over, I start to ignore it. You?

However, after about 2 1/2 months of steady publishing of posts to her website (3 a day in her case), the search engine robots decided her website was for real and visitors started arriving via Organic Search.

What’s most interesting is the numbers of visitors who then arrived via organic search completely swamped the number of visitors she was able to attract via social media.

Social Media Serves a Purpose

Please don’t get me wrong. I don’t really mean “never”. The title of this post is intentionally a little hyperbolic.

Having said that, since the big payoff is in publishing to your website, to your blog, isn’t that where you should put the bulk of your effort?

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