There is However, a lot That is Still Art

With most forms of digital marketing (Inbound, Content, Social Media, etc) our ability to gather details about what both search engines and people respond to and how they respond, grows ever more detailed.

And while it’s true that people respond in very predictable ways to known triggers, it still takes quite a bit of testing to fine tune those triggers.

By triggers I mean landing pages and Call to Action buttons.

Little things, like changing colors, font styles, and specific language can have an enormous impact on whether people stay and read the page, and/or follow the CTA.

This is where marketing is art (I was tempted to say “still” art, but that implies one day it may no longer be).

Applying “Science” to how people respond to “Art” requires experiments, and while the experiments are being performed, you may think your Inbound Marketing ROI is too low.

Why Inbound Marketing Might Fail

There are two broad aspects to Inbound Marketing:

  • Attracting your Audience
  • Conversion

Attracting your Audience

When you follow the system rigorously, it works PROVIDED you’re doing it well.

For example, if the blog post titles you generate are too short and not search friendly enough, it doesn’t work as well.

The “Art” of attracting your audience includes:

The “Art” of conversion is much more involved and justifies it’s own post.

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