Link Building is Relationship Building

We’ve all heard that link building, while incredibly important to your SEO success, is in fact good old fashioned relationship building through networking.

A recent article titled

It’s Not (All) About The Links: Communicating For Outreach

Describes this dynamic very well.

You need the links, we all do. But when you ask for links in ways that provide no service to the person you’re asking, you may not get their attention. Not because they’re necessarily bad people, but like all of us, they’re busy.

They receive a lot of requests every day, every week, and they can’t possibly respond to all of them.

My favorite paragraph in the article says:

This type of [big picture] thinking is how we get things like co-branded webinars, events, eBooks, surveys, etc. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but this type of content is also what tends to drive those magical “natural” links we hear so much about.

The author, Casie Gillette, nailed it.

Build Your Business Network, Not Your Link Network

By shifting your focus from building a link network to building a business network, you shift your thinking about what you’re doing.

You both think and act bigger picture, which brings opportunities above and beyond link building to your attention, which ironically increases the odds of receiving a link from the people you’re networking with.

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