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Top 7 Marketing Techniques for Growing Your Small Business

Why should you outsource your marketing? And why SHOULDN’T you?

Got budget? Outsource.

Lack budget? Learn how.

It’s truly that simple.

Nothing in marketing is rocket surgery. The only question is can you afford to pay with big money (and a little time and effort), or must you pay with a lot of time and effort (and a little money)?

If you have to learn to do it yourself, below is a list of stuff you need, and need to learn more about.

Make a website

Your website is THE hub of your digital presence, yet 50% of small businesses don’t have a website. Your website is where you tell your story, and post updates about what you know and what you’re doing. The “perfect” website is a fiction A LOT of people buy into. Of course it will be imperfect, at least at first. Start one now, and you’ll improve it over time, through iterations of small updates.

Also…. Use hosted WordPress. You can start with GoDaddy or a similar reliable but cheap hosting provider.

Face-to-face networking

Otherwise known as Meet People and Talk to Them. Most small business owners can devote only so much time to this, so be selective in the events and conferences you attention.

Keep in mind, you’re building relationships, more than seeking and converting prospects. One person who sends you 2 warm leads a month is worth hundreds of cold prospects.

Where do you meet these people? Generally not a business networking events. People go there to sell.

Instead, focus on industry conferences and other events where you’re likely to meet people with whom you share a common customer. Find one or two people interested in developing deep relationships (which doesn’t happen overnight) and are willing to commit to helping each other.

When you approach it this way, attend “the right” conference, and meet “the right” people, you can even justify taking a personal loan to pay admission.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing, in the absence of your website being the hub of your digital marketing presence, is a waste. Likes lead to nothing. Social media is BRANDING, not lead generation.

Consider this…. if you’re not sharing the content of your website with your social media followers, what are you sharing? And why?

Thing in terms of Social Media is branding, Social Media strengthens SEO (when done right), Social Media can help build community.

Conversions occur on your website. Social Media helps get people to your website. In two ways: referral traffic, and by helping your SEO.


Blogging is THE core activity of SEO. Of course you’ve got to get the technical aspects of SEO right, but that’s not the hard part. The hard part is regular publishing of interesting content. Think of your website as an online magazine, who has ONE advertiser.

Blogging also involves networking, but instead of face to face, it’s website to website. Links to website are still a very important search signal. In the same way that you and others businesses refer leads to each other, your websites can exchange links.

How do you start blogging? The short answer is you just do. Sure the first several posts will not be great, but how do you get good at anything? You practice.

Email marketing

The phrase “email marketing” does the idea a disservice. There are more than one distinct types of email marketing.

The Newsletter is when everyone gets the same email at the same time. This is the easiest to do, but has the lowest conversion.

The DRIP Campaign is where everyone gets the same sequence of email’s in the same order, but the timing is triggered by some event, such as when a website visitor downloads an eBook.

Marketing Automation is also email marketing. The timing of the sequence of email is triggered by some event, but not everyone sees the same set of email’s. The next email sent in a Marketing Automation sequence depends on what the recipient did (or did not do) with the last one. As you can image, this is the most expensive form and the most complex to setup, but it has the highest conversion rates.

Paid ads

Due to how social media advertising works (something named Contextual Marketing), you can now place incredibly targeted ads in front of people who are very likely to be interested in what they say.

This is the least expensive form of effective advertising in the history of human civilization. If you think that claim is hyperbolic, consider the uproar about the Cambridge Analytica narrative. Cambridge Analytica served up targeted political ads intended to have an emotional impact.

The same essential mechanism that allowed them to place highly targeted political ads allows you to place highly targeted ads in front of people who are likely to be interested.

Limited-time offers, discounts, and giveaways

There is a principal of human psychology that things that are scarce have more value. This is why limited time offers and giveaways work.

In Closing

While Marketing is a broad topic, if you lack funds to hire a professional, you can learn (or pay someone else to learn) how to do effective things yourself. Not having money to hire a professional is NOT a reason to limit your marketing, especially in today’s digitally connected world.

About the Author

This article is a guest post submitted by Emma Worden, a business manager from Sydney, Australia.

Emma enjoys reading and writing on a business topics and giving advice and tips through her texts. If you want to read more of her work, you can find it at


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