How to manage your website writer for great performance

Small business marketing: how to manage your website writers

Content marketing (also known as inbound marketing) requires a steady steam of quality fresh content to be published to your website.

The ones who are having the greatest success do two things:

  1. They put in place structured processes to ensure their publishing schedule is met.
  2. They hire writers to create the content based on interactions with the business owners and other team members.

That second part may sound expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. The businesses we work with are small and have limited budgets.  They drastically reduce costs by: a) Using college interns, and 2) using writers in remote and less expensive parts of the world. Neither of which compromise quality, when done correctly.

While the writers do need to be paid, the use of remote writers will reduce the cost from a few thousand a month to a few hundred a month.

We help many small businesses with their content marketing and over the years have learned how to manage remote writers effectively.

The key to success with managing writers (either local or remote) is in understanding your writers are an extension of your core functions and not a function that is “just” outsourced.

Work with your writers

No matter if they work in your office or from their homes half a world away, they are an extension of your core team. You need to maintain a “do it with me” strategy. Get involved with your content writers for successful results on your website.

Communicate with your writers

Communication with your writers has been and will continue to be very crucial for proper content provisioning and everything about your small business website.

Be very clear and precise about what you want from your content marketing effort, to the point of writing a “spec” for how content on your website is to look and feel. If you want a sample of such a spec, leave a comment below and I’ll send you one.

Schedule meetings with your writers and exchange ideas about your website. When you schedule a meeting, be available on that day. Content is not something you do when you can fit it in. Successful content marketing is when it is perceived to be important enough to make a high priority.

Ask for any concerns and provide follow up on the progress of your writers and their assignments.

Provide topics to your writers

It is the business owner’s best interest to provide content topics for their website.  At least provide some information that can be helpful for your content writers.

If you yourself know enough about content marketing, feel free to go so far as to generate blog post titles.

Provide detailed feedback

Provide useful information and help your website writer create something that fits what you think your audience will like and appreciate.

Remember to be very specific. If you don’t like the content they have created, then tell them what you prefer.

Again, if you would like a template for providing such feedback, leave a comment below and we’ll send you one.


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