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Successful Local SEO Marketing is About Good Work Habits

Local SEO Marketing Habits to Adopt

Some SEO habits help, others hurt.

When pursuing a local SEO marketing effort, there are some activities and habits which are useful, and other activities and habits that are harmful.

What habits should you adopt?

  • Generate content EVERY day! Preferably multiple times a day!
  • Establish relationships with other bloggers and SEO marketing people.
  • Do local SEO marketing as a cooperative effort, both by multiple businesses publishing content to the same web site AND by multiple websites linking to and from each others posts.

What habits should you stop?

  • View guest blogging as a long term relationship, not a one off. If you think a website is a good place to publish a guest blog post, but you never ask to publish a second post, is it really such a good website?
  • Don’t stress over anchor text. Good anchor text helps, but the amount of time some people put into it is time better spent publishing good content.
  • Don’t pursue inbound links for the sake of links. Inbound links will come from a combination of good content on your website and good relationships with other bloggers.

Check out of “how to” series on local SEO marketing for details on how to do it effectively.

For help with your local SEO marketing efforts, contact us. We can get you moving in the right direction.

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