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Local SEO Marketing | Post Optimization | Keyword Density

Clearly to better optimize your posts that are part of your local SEO marketing effort, you need to use your keyword phrases.

But…. How much (or often) do you use them? How many times is too many?

Fortunately Google tells us. Your keyword density should be 2%.

This article is part of a series about local SEO marketing. For access to all the articles in the series, click on the link in the prior sentence.

But what does it mean to have a keyword density of 2%?
It means that for every 100 words of the post, they keyword phrase should appear twice.
For a 250 word post, the keyword phrase should appear five times.
However…. and this is VERY important, for a 250 word post, the keyword phrase should be used five times ON THE WEBPAGE, not just within the post.
The following uses of the keyword phrase count:
  • In the title
  • In the caption of the image.
  • In the website header, footer, or sidebar.
No matter where the keyword phrase appears on the webpage, it counts.
To accurately measure the keyword phrase density within the post (not the page, but the post) I recommend the use of the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoost. Keyword density is part of its on page analysis.
You will find more information about local SEO marketing by reading the entire series of articles.
When you need help with your local SEO marketing campaign, do yourself a favor and contact us at Zippe.biz.  Other web marketing services make promises. We have a track record.

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