Encouraging interaction with your website readers (aka soliciting comments) is not as hard as some think.

There are two things you need to do:

  1.  Ask questions.
  2. Tell them how to answer.

NOTE: This article is part of a series about local SEO marketing. For access to all the articles in the series, click on the link in the prior sentence.

Ask questions

Do not be shy about being direct. Some very popular YouTube channels consist of short performances put on by people who ask direct questions of their viewers, and who also seem to have very engaged viewers.

When selling a product or service, do not expect the same level of engagement, but do follow their technique.

At the end of your post, ask a direct question.

  1. What do you thing about blah, blah, blah?
  2. Has this ever happened to you?
  3. Be as specific as possible to the topic at hand.
For example…. Has an SEO sales consultant ever guaranteed you top placement on Google within 30 days? Did it happen?

Tell them how to answer

It may seem obvious to you that you answer by filling out the field at the bottom of the page, but they may not scroll down to see the form.

Just tell them. It helps.


You will find more useful information about local SEO marketing by reading the entire series of articles.

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    8 replies to "Local SEO Marketing | Post Optimization | Ask Questions"

    • Susan Ross

      I could use some advice. My husband’s business moved to a new city. We want to get business in our new city of course but we wouldn’t mind getting business now and then from our previous location while we ramp up our presence in the new city. I am trying to figure out if I should just change his address for all his current listings or create a second set of listings. We have a second website/Google verified location for the new city. I am just not sure what the best way to go is. I would hate to lose out on any business from our old city/website but really want to ramp up where we are now. I was wondering if it would be an advantage to our new locale to take advantage of all the presence on the web that we established in our old city. What would you advise?

      • Kevin Carney


        You’re actually asking about 2 different things possibly without knowing it. These issues are related, but work together.

        Issue #1: Google My Business
        This is where you have a map location within Google and (if you’re on the top 3 results for a given local search) you show up in the local search results.

        To Google, what defines a business as having more than one location is that each location has a different mailing address and phone number. Unfortunately they do not allow PO Boxes to be the designated mailing address. I do know people who have worked around this by renting a PO Box at a private business that is NOT part of a larger chain, but has a similar business to the UPS stores who do accept mail and packages on behalf of their clients. The “not part of a larger chain” seem to be important as some of these places have US Postal addresses that do not look like PO Boxes. Rather than an address of “PO Box 728, 123 Main St, San Francisco, CA” their addresses can look like “123 Main St, Unit 728, San Francisco, CA”. Before you sign a contract with such a place, verify with them how their address is formatted and check it in the USPS address verification web page, whose URL is….. !input.action.

        So if your two locations have two different USPS verifiable addresses and two different phone numbers, you want to be a business that has 2 locations by having 2 Google My Business entries.

        Issue #2: General Online Findability
        Being found online today is all about publishing and to make it work you need to publish frequently. The good news is you publish very few long drawn out articles, and the bulk of what you publish is short, and answers questions. I did look at your website.

        There is a webinar style video on my website that explains in a fair amount of detail what is needed, how it works, and why it works. You need to register for the video, and once you do you have immediate access. The video is 26 minutes long and people have told me they’ve learned quite a bit just from watching it. The registration URL is http://organicgrowth.biz/webinar-presentation-video-registration/.

        • Susan Ross

          Kevin, you are amazing! I did not expect such a thorough response. I really appreciate you taking the time to do that!

          We do have separate, non PO Box, mailing addresses and phone numbers, both Google verified and both on the same Google account.

          Content – I have just created a Google alert for the search term we are trying for. I am working on getting my husband to blog about local happenings in the news in his line of work. I wonder if the blog should be on our site or a separate site. I am thinking on our site.

          I will watch your video now.

          Thanks again for your help. I am all self-taught and quite a novice so every little bit of real advice helps! Although currently, for our older business listing, it comes up as #2 in local search results and I am pretty proud of that being in such a competitive city and business area. I guess I was just thinking there might be some benefit to ride on the coattails of that presence somehow. But I think I will leave them separate.



          PS When I was directed to this site from an email a window came up for me to sign up for the newsletter. I was unable to do so. I entered my email address but the subscribe button was grayed out/not working

          • Kevin Carney


            I’m glad I could help.

            What we do here at Inbound Marketing University is teach and coach small businesses on how to get found online.

            Right now membership is only $27 a month (early adopter special).

            I have made it my mission in life to make it possible for small businesses to be found online without spending a fortune.

            If you know about HubSpot, we will be the anti-HubSpot (and yes we are developing a software tool to make it easier to both learn and do).

            I you’re interested in joining us I’ll send you the registration URL (for the $27 rate, you need me to email you the URL).

            One VERY important point is to give up the idea of “the phrase we want to rank for”. Mature website rank for hundreds if not thousands of different search phrases and show up on page 1 for very few of those. Additionally, for the ones where you do show on page 1, you don’t show on page 1 every time.

            Getting found today is ALL about publishing and people who focus on keywords and rank position are stuck in the past.

            As far as your newsletter subscription, it did occur. The darn button is simply grey, even though it works. In fact, I can see that you registered twice.

            In terms of the blog being on your site or a separate site…. from an SEO perspective the preferred option is for the blog to be on your site. If for whatever reason that isn’t possible (as in the main website is not WordPress) the blog should then be on a separate server but in the same domain.

            For example, with a website of http://www.bestlawyerinsacramento.com, when your blog is on a separate site, the blog URL should be blog.bestlawyerinsacramento.com, or some such.


            • Susan Ross

              Thanks for all the additional information. I do realize that there isn’t one phrase to go after. I simply meant the top one. I am considering joining at this point but I need to do some more research at this point as to where we want to spend our vert limited budget. But so far I have appreciated all your advice. I really feel lost out here sometimes having had no schooling or formal training. Joining a supportive community sounds like it would be very beneficial. On the video: I get it. It humanizes you. You are funny! I hope to be in touch soon!

            • Kevin Carney


              You’re not going to find effective Content Marketing training cheaper anywhere else. What I teach works.

              The members who implement what I teach see results.

              There are a few success studies on the website you might want to talk a look at…

              And some members have provided video testimonials as to the value of the community and of the weekly coaching sessions:


    • xem them

      Do you mind if I quote a few of your posts as long as I provide
      credit and sources back to your site? My blog site is in the exact same niche
      as yours and my visitors would really benefit from a lot
      of the information you present here. Please let me know if this okay
      with you. Appreciate it!

      • Kevin Carney

        Provided you provide links back to the original article I have no objections at all.

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