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Local SEO Marketing | Glossary | PPC: Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a form of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) where the advertiser creates PPC ads through the Google Adwords tool, and links those PPC ads to PPC landing pages.

The PPC ads appear in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) above and to the right of the organic search results.

The purpose of the ad is to encourage web users to click through to the landing page.

The purpose of the landing page is to encourage the user to want to buy.

This article is part of a series about local SEO marketing. For access to all the articles in the series, click on the link in the prior sentence.

Why is Pay Per Click (PPC) the wrong form of Search Engine Marketing for your business?

It generally takes just as long to wind up an effective PPC effort as it does to wind up a successful local SEO marketing effort.

This is due to the need to constantly test and adjust.

PPC ads that are mostly similar but slightly different are tested to see which attracts the highest click through rate.

PPC landing pages that are mostly similar but slightly different are tested to see which attracts the most conversions.

Yet as soon as you stop paying for your PPC ads, any website traffic it genrates drops to zero, immediately!!!


You will find much more information about local SEO marketing by reading the entire series of articles.

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