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Local SEO Marketing | Glossary | Website Back Links

The Internet is a vast collection of website that contain references or links to each other. These links are one of the most important criteria in determine page ranking in the Google search algorithm.

Here are the types of links that affect your local SEO marketing efforts:

An external or outbound link is when your website contains a link to a webpage on another website.

An internal link is when a page on your website contains a link to another webpage on your website.

A back link is when another website contains a link to a page on your website.

This article is part of a series about local SEO marketing. For access to all the articles in the series, click on the link in the prior sentence.

Links in general are the primary “currency” of web search today. Back links to your site increase your sites “value” or authority.

Web search is pretty much a popularity contest and back links are how popularity is determined.

  • The more sites that link to your website the better.
  • The more high ranker websites that link to your website the better still.
Links are so important to the Google algorithm that before it was called Google it was called back rub. Please Google this to verify it.


You will find much more information about local SEO marketing by reading the entire series of articles.

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