Moz Local is a commercial service whose purpose is to synchronize business directory details in various business directories on the web, such as Yahoo, Google, Yelp, etc, etc, etc.

This matters because when your directory listing at the various are synchronized, your local search ranking improves.

I’ve heard this so many times, I came to believe it. Especially after I did it and it did ¬†seem to help.

The cost of Moz Local is very nominal. The lowest tier costs $129 per year.

There is one caveat that can not be hurried. The various business directories on the internet all synchronize with Moz Local, but at different rates and at different times.

This means some directories will synchronize in the first month, while others will synchronize in the twelfth month.

As more and more become synchronized, your local search ranking should improve incrementally, so waiting is not only not a bad thing, you have no choice anyway.

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