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Seriously? $300 for an online seminar?

Everybody and their dog is now selling Content Marketing “how to”.

When I saw an ad today for a webinar style content marketing seminar I was kind of surprised and kind of not.

My surprise was “do they seriously expect people to spend $300 for an online seminar to learn that this is so much effort they will probably do nothing?”.

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My not surprise was “I suppose. Content Marketing is a popular buzzword today. People are understanding they should know what it means, and from a business perspective $300 for a marketing seminar is much cheaper than an in person seminar”.

However, their content marketing instructions have the same issue that our content marketing instructions have, which is… content must be generated and published multiple times a day.

Thinking, planning, white boarding, talking, etc, etc is NOT content marketing.

Content marking is publishing! Three times a day, five times a day, maybe more.

And therein lies the main issue with most content marketing efforts.

If you do not publish multiple times a day, your efforts will fail.

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