local seo inbound marketing fills your sales funnel

Filling Your Sales Funnel for a MLM Skin Care Company

Inbound Marketing | Filling Your Sales Funnel

Does your MLM need more customers? More distributors? Inbound marketing is for you.

We all want to look good. In fact I’ve read Americans are willing to spend $4 to look good for every $1 spent to feel good.

Skin care companies and products are all the rage and many use a network marketing (MLM) structure.

How does inbound marketing help you with filling your sales funnel with a steady stream of both customer and distributor inquiries?

I’m glad you asked.

Inbound marketing is when you publish a large quantity of relevant content to your website, in small chunks, at frequent intervals, over a long duration.

This (over some time) attracts YOUR audience to your website. Your audience shows up because your website is presented to them when they go online to search for something.

They are by definition your audience as the way they found you was by searching for something they have an interest in.

These phrases all mean the same thing: Local SEO Marketing, Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, and Internet Marketing.

For  more information on how you do content marketing, click on any of the links in the prior sentence.

To attract customers you write about topics your customers care about (anti aging, skin care, etc, etc, etc).

To attract distributors you write about topics your distributors care about (financial independence, flexible schedule, work from home, etc, etc).

Does your skincare MLM need more customers? Need more distributors? Inbound marketing is for you.

To learn how to do this contact us. We can help you make it happen.

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