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The Problem

The problem is most web site intrusions are the result of people having selected very weak passwords.

There is such a thing as a password dictionary attack.

This is when a piece of software attempts to login to a system using a list of words as the passwords. Because it’s software it never gets tired and simply keeps trying one after the other after the other, for as long as is needed.

The Solutions

There are a few:

  • Install software that locks out IP address for an hour after 10 bad login attempts in 5 minutes.
  • Make sure you have an account named “admin” and give it the lowest privileges possible.
  • Enforce the the use of strong passwords

The Problem with Strong Passwords

The problem is they’re hard to remember, but that problem is easily solved.

The Solution to the Problem with Strong Passwords

Base your password on a phrase you easily remember, not a word.

Here is an example. Let’s pretend you’re very fond of skiing and you find the following phrase easy to remember:

The last run of the day is the best run.

Make a password out of the first letter of each word where one of the characters is represented by a number.

The last run of the day is the best run.

I would turn the “i” into a 1 and my password would become:


That password looks totally random. It’s 10 characters long and contains 1 number.

But being based on a phrase that is meaningful to you, you will be able to remember it.

Cool? Eh?

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