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Hi this is Kevin of Inbound Marketing University.

This question was put forth by one of the members and the question is…. in the coaching sessions I have shown a month over month improvement of the last 30 days to the immediately preceding 30 days.

The question was….. how do I do that?

So here I am in Google Analytics. Let me go to my website.

I’m going to go to Acquisition -> All Traffic -> Channels.

And that shows for the last 30 days how many people showed up through various sources of traffic, so Organic Search 284 visitors.

So the question is how did I do the month over month comparison.

And all it is is go to the date, pull down, and say Compare to Previous Period… Apply.

It’s that simple.

In a few minutes you will have…. the most current 30 day period is in blue, the immediately prior 30 day period is in orange, and you scroll down and under organic traffic you see it’s 284 vs 237 for an increase of 19.83 percent.

That’s it.

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