Inbound Marketing is…

Attracting visitors to your website and converting website visitors into leads.

This is done by:

  • Publishing content
  • Social media promotion
  • Getting the attention of the search engines
  • Capturing email addresses through gated content (eBooks, videos, etc).

I know the above list makes light of the consistency of publishing that is required, but conceptually none of this is hard. What makes it hard is the doing of it every day until it starts to work.

What makes Inbound Marketing “Inbound” is the attracting website visitors through organic search, which is done when you get the attention of the search engines and your sites starts to rank high for various search terms.

Marketing Automation is…

Nurturing leads through email (and hopefully social media messages in the future) to walk people one step at a time through their buyers journey (which should be the basis of your sales funnel) such that no leads are wasted due to lack of follow up.

While this can be done by someone sitting at a keyword, the automation part of marketing automation helps ensure no leads are wasted. People forget things. Software doesn’t.

The automation part of marketing automation is the tracking of email’s that go out and the suggestions actions within the email.

An email might suggest the person watch a two minute video. The marketing automation software tracks:

  1. If the email was opened or not.
  2. If the web page containing the two minute video was visited or not.
  3. How long the person stayed on the web page.

The next email that goes out to that person depends on which outcome occurred.

Small Businesses Need Both

Capture as many leads as possible through Inbound Marketing, nurture every one through Marketing Automation.

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