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This specific post shows shows how to add leads from multiple CSV files onto one Mautic list.

Video Transcription Starts

Hi this is Kevin with Inbound Marketing University.

This is another video on importing contacts into Mautic from another system.

Um… the purpose of this video is to illustrate how you can import multiple con… multiple lists of contacts, multiple CSV files into the same list in Mautic.

For some reason in MailChimp I had three lists of people who registered for webinars. One has 65 members, one has 17 members, one has 37 members and I don’t even remember why I thought that made sense.

But anyway when I import them into Mautic I’m going to put them into one list called Webinar.

So again, to to Manage Leads, Import, Choose File, and I’ll choose the first one which is Webinar Registrants.

I’ll say Open, say Upload, Lead Owner, and the list is going to be Webinar.

And again I just have these… actually it’s not true that I just have these three fields for all of them.

I have these three fields I think for this one.

Last name and email… let me look and see if I have any other fields… no I don’t.

So for this list I just have first name, last name, and email address. It’s going into the list called Webinar and away we go.

This is the one with 65 members.

So import is in progress.

The reason it says 66 is because it counts the header row in the CSV file.

So it created 57 new leads and it merged data from 9 rows into existing leads.

OK so now, let’s go get the next one.


OK… That’s interesting. I wasn’t really expecting it.

Um… Sorry about that guys.

OK so let’s go back to Leads… Manage Leads… Import… Choose File… and this one is Webinar Registrants June.

This one has 17 members.

I’ve selected the file. Now I say Upload.

And again the lead list in this case is going to be Webinar, and on this one I’m also sure that I’ve only got first name, last name, and email address.

But let me very quickly make sure that is the case.

OK, it is.

OK, first name, last name, email address… Import.

And this one has 17… so it created 16 new leads and merged 2.

Let’s go back to managed leads again, and now I’m going to import the last one, which contains 37 members.

And it is in this file,Webinarjam-Studio.

And I think in this one I’m capturing more leads [I meant more fields but mis spoke].

OK so Upload, Admin Admin, Webinar, let’s see so I’ve got, first name, last name, email address, I think I’m getting phone number on this one but let me see.

Phone number, yes I am.

OK, anything else? Email, first name, last name, phone number, that’s it.

OK so first name, last name, email address, and phone number. Going onto the list Webinar… Import.

OK and… it’s now done, created 11 new records and merged 27, so I did have duplicates among those lists.

That’s it. So that’s how you import into a list in Mautic from a CSV file, and that’s how you import multiple CSV files onto the same list.

Video Transcription Ends

Mautic helps you nurture leads once someone comes to your website and fills out a form. Attracting people to your website and getting them to fill out the form is Inbound Marketing.

To learn more about Inbound Marketing…

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