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This post is part of series of Posts providing documentation about the Mautic open source marketing automation system.

The main or parent post of this series is….

Mautic Overview | Low Cost Open Source Marketing Automation for Small Business

Mautic provides the ability for one way integration’s into various other systems: social media marketing, email marketing, CRM, and cloud storage.

This specific post shows how to integrate the MailChimp email marketing service into your Mautic marketing automation system.

Video Transcription Starts

Hi this is Kevin with Inbound Marketing University.

This video shows how to integrate the MailChimp email marketing service into your Mautic instance such that as people fill out forms, you can define actions to add them to the mail list lists that you maintain inside your mail list accounts [I meant to say MailChimp lists that you maintain inside your MailChimp accounts].

To complete this integration you need to be logged into your Mautic dashboard as well as logged into your MailChimp dashboard.

Most of the definition is going to be done within your MailChimp dashboard, but there’s a piece of information you need from your Mautic instance in order to proceed with that configuration.

But first let’s kill this which is irrelevant to the video.

So you start in your Mautic dashboard by finding the gear icon at the top right.

Select it, select Addons.

Now I’ve already activated email marketing but let’s pretend that I hadn’t. I’m going to deactivate it.

So if email marketing is not activated you select that little switch icon in order to turn it on.

And once it’s turned on, you select on the label Email Marketing to find out your options.

We’re doing MailChimp, so you select MailChimp.

This is the field I was talking about. It’s the Callback URL.

Select it. Copy it. Now go to your MailChimp dashboard, look for the pull down menu next to your name, select Account, find the pull down menu labeled Extras, and select API Keys.

Find the label Register and Manage Your Apps, and select it.

Now… I had already started this definition so I have this line. If you haven’t started creating the MailChimp definition for the Mautic integration you will select Register an App.

In my case because I’ve already started it I’m going to select Edit.

And this is the field that we just copied from MailChimp.

So select that field, select Paste.

The rest of the fields are: Give the application a name . I call it Mautic integration so when I’m in MailChimp and I’m looking at them there’s no confusion as to what it’s all about.

Your company name.

The app website is where someone can find more information about and/or install the application.

The application is Mautic. It’s not your website, it’s Mautic.

And by virtue of completing this, MailChimp will provide to you a Client ID, and a Client Secret.

So once that’s filled out, update it.

Scroll down to where you have access to the Client ID and the Client Secret, select the Client ID and copy it.

Go back to Mautic, select the Client ID field and paste it.

Go back to MailChimp, select the Client Secret and copy it.

Go back to Mautic, select the Client Secret field and paste it.

Select…. Yours will probably say Authorize App. Mine says Reauthorize App, but select that button.

At this point you login to your MailChimp system using your username and password.

When you select Close Window… OK… everything’s good.

Oh… everything’s not good because it’s not being published.

So I want to publish that integration so it’s available within Mautic.

Select Save, and now I’m done.

At this point you can take a look at a form on your website.

For example I’ll do this On Demand Webinar Registration form.

So if I edit the form, I can now identify as an action to Push Lead to Integration.

So I’m going to call it Push Lead to MailChimp List.

In my case I’ve only got one integration identified so MailChimp should be the only option.

And it’s asking me which list I want to push them to.

I want to push them to a list called Webinar.

I do not want double opt in, I do not want the welcome email as I’m going to send the welcome email from Mautic, so none of the other fields are necessarily relevant because I said no to the email, but the one that they specifically…. well I’m going to going to select these fields just to play it safe.

So First name, Last name…. I don’t think any of this is necessary but they’re asking and it’s very little trouble to set this up.

Select Add.

So now when somebody fills out that form, an additional action which I’ve just added is that the MailChimp list for that form will be automatically  updated.

So I say Apply, and Save, and we’re done.

Video Transcription End

Mautic helps you nurture leads once someone comes to your website and fills out a form.

Attracting people to your website and getting them to fill out the form is Inbound Marketing.

Learn more about Inbound Marketing…

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