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This post is part of series of Posts providing documentation about the Mautic open source marketing automation system.

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Mautic Overview | Low Cost Open Source Marketing Automation for Small Business

This specific post shows how to add your Mautic tracking pixel to your WordPress website.

Video Transcription Starts

This is Kevin with Inbound Marketing University.

This video shows how you install the Mautic Marketing Automation system tracking plugin on your WordPress website.

So first I want to draw your attention to this website. slash mautic slash mautic dash WordPress blah blah blah.

So I found it by Googling… Mautic WordPress plugin documentation.

And when you scroll down a bit here’s the instructions.

So they instruct you to download the plugin as a ZIP package from this page which is doable as it’s right here, but I actually did it from my WordPress dashboard looking at plugins.

I entered Add New, and then I typed in WP Mautic.

And that  takes me to here where it’s already installed on my system so I won’t do it.

So I installed it, and then once it was done… there was one setting… that matters so bear with me one second.

And the one setting that matters is you put in the URL of your specific instance.

And then you save your changes.

And once that’s done, let me go back to the documentation…. this HTML tag will appear in the source code of every page on your website.

And to verify that’s the case, what were going to do is look at the home page of my website look at the source code and we’re going to search for mtracking.gif.

So here’s the home page of my website.

I had already pulled up the source of page but let me redo it again so that you know everything’s on the up and up here.

So… More Tools… View Source.

And we’re going to find mtracking.gif.

And there it is.

So that’s it.

That’s the entire sequence of events necessary to install the Mautic tracking pixel on your WordPress website.

So enjoy!

Mautic is a great piece of software and I hope you enjoy it as much as I’m learning to.

Take care.

Video Transcription End

Mautic helps you nurture leads once someone comes to your website and fills out a form. Attracting people to your website and getting them to fill out the form is Inbound Marketing.

To learn more about Inbound Marketing…

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