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This specific post shows how to import leads into the Mautic Open Source Marketing Automation system from another system.

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Hi this is Kevin from Inbound Marketing University.

This video shows how you import leads into Mautic from another system.

In my case I exported contacts from a specific list in MailChimp and created a CSV file from that effort.

The CSV file is the not edited.

In a few minutes during the import I’ll have an opportunity to map Mautic field names to the column headings within the CSV file.

So the process for importing leads is from the Dashboard select Leads, select Manage Leads, and at the top right, select Import.

Navigate to the file in question which is… this one… let me make sure it is that one… OK it’s that one.

Open the file.

And then select Upload.

At this point you identify who the owner of the lead is, and which lead list you want to import these leads onto.

I want to import these leads into a list called Members.

Now I’ve only got three fields that I’m capturing… so I have first name… last name… and email address.

Here we go, so first name, last name, and email address.

All of the other fields in MailChimp are not things that I’m necessarily worried about so I’m just going to let them go.

And when I’ve mapped the CSV file column names to the Mautic field names and I’m done, I select Import.

And like it says, don’t touch it.

So as you can see there were 36 rows in the CSV file. That represents 35 contacts because one of them… oh excuse me… one of them was the header row.

22 new leads were corrected… we’re created… and 14 leads already existed.

So the content or the data being imported was merged with the existing records.

That’s it.

Those leads are now imported onto that list.

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Mautic helps you nurture leads once someone comes to your website and fills out a form. Attracting people to your website and getting them to fill out the form is Inbound Marketing.

To learn more about Inbound Marketing…

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