Mautic open source marketing automation is the low cost big function alternative to Marketing, Pardot, Act-On, InfustionSoft, Hubspot, etc.

Mautic Marketing Automation | Creating an Asset, an Email, and a Form

This post is part of series of Posts providing documentation about the Mautic open source marketing automation system.

The main or parent post of this series is….

Mautic Overview | Low Cost Open Source Marketing Automation for Small Business

This specific post covers the topics of…..

Creating Assets, Emails, and Forms

This post provides detailed information via screencast videos in how to get started with the Mautic open source marketing automation system.

There are five videos within this article and they shows:

  1. A conceptual overview of the main ideas involved in created assets, emails, forms, and embedding forms within landing pages.
    1. Detailed instructions on how to create an Asset.
  2. Detailed instructions on how to create an Email.
  3. Detailed instructions on how to create a Form.
  4. Basic instructions on how to embed a form within a landing page (the details of this will vary widely depending upon the specific website software and theme you use to create your landing pages).

Overview within Mautic of Assets, Emails, and Forms

The video below gives an overview of what Assets, Emails, and Forms are within the Mautic system and how they relate to each other.

The asset is attached to the email, and the email is configured into the form.

For purposes of these videos:

  1. The asset is an eBook.
  2. The email is sent to the lead after they fill out the form to obtain the ebook.
  3. The form is of course what they fill out.

Creating Assets

The video below shows how to create an asset, which in this case is an eBook, but could be a video, an infographic, a podcast file or any form of media.

Creating an Email

The video below shows how to create an email and attach an asset to it.

Creating a Form

The video below shows out to create a form, and configure an email to be an action that occurs after the form is submitted.

Presenting a Form within a Landing Page

This video shows A WAY (there are many many possible ways) of embedding an form into a landing page.

It does NOT show the use of the Mautic landing page function as the Mautic landing page function seems not yet ready for prime time. I would like to be proved wrong on this as creating visually pleasing landing pages can be difficult.

This video shows a landing page on my site which uses the WordPress theme OptimizePress but the principal of how you embed the Mautic form HTML into the website page is the same no matter what WordPress theme you use or if you use a website built from something other than WordPress.

Marketing Automation

Is how you nurture leads once they arrive. Inbound Marketing is how to attract leads through your website.

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