Creating a new List and updating the list as an action within a from within the Mautic Open Source Marketing Automation System

Mautic Marketing Automation | Creating a List, Adding it to a Form

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Creating a List and Adding a List to a Form

So that when someone fills out the form, not only is a lead created, but the lead is added to the specified list.

Lists are nothing more than collections of leads.

The goal is to add someone to a list at the time they submit a form on your website.

This is a two step process:

1) Create the list.

2) Add an action to the form such that when someone submits that form, they are added to the list you specify.

Creating a List

Within Mautic lists are a subset or function of forms. The video below shows how to create a list.

Adding an Action to a Form

The way you add someone to a list automation when they submit a form is to add an action to the form where the action adds the lead to the specified list. The video below shows how to do that.


Marketing Automation

Is how you nurture leads once they arrive.

Inbound Marketing is how to attract leads through your website.

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