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How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Small Business (Time and Money)

A Steady Steam of Qualified Leads Brings Money

But generating those leads takes time and effort, and when you’re already like the guy whose too busy to read the time management book, how do you “break out” of your daily routine to find more prospects?

I’m going so far as to say the two biggest problem in every small business is:

  • Not enough leads
  • Not enough time

At first glance those two needs seem in opposition to each other.

The short answer is prioritization.

A few decades ago I was required to take a time management class by a company I worked for. I did literally felt too busy to take out time for the class, but in hindsight that class has served me well.

They required/taught us to write out to do list of everything that needed to be done, and then to prioritize tasks as A (important and urgent), B (important), and C (other).

Then we were instructed to take our C list and stick it in our bottom desk drawer, to be retrieved in the event the other two lists were completed. They actually taught us to put them out of sight in order to get then out of mind.

We were also taught to make this a daily activity.

Years later, at another job, one of the senior managers stopped me to ask me how was I so much more productive than everyone else.

Although her question caught me off guard, when I reflected on it I came to realize that maybe 10 or 12 years after taking that class I was not only still doing that little time management trick every day (I still do) but that it was the answer to her question.

What Lead Generation Activities Do You Do?

I want to first say that no matter what lead generation systems you try, none of them work right away. They ALL require the magic ingredient of persistence and consistency. The key is to know how long to try one before you decide that it does or does not work.

The next important point here is if you devote time to too many forms of lead generation, you’ll do them all poorly.

As the Moody Blues once said “It’s a question of balance”.

Write out your list. Talk to other business owners. Find out what works for them. Update your list, then prioritize it.

Then write out your A, B, and C activities, where others have told you:

  • The A stuff worked very quickly (30 to 60 days)
  • The B stuff worked big, but it took time to build up (6 to 12 months)
  • The C stuff sounds good, but no one you know has actually done it successfully

And be skeptical of claims of extraordinary results.


I’m sure you’ve seen the various claims of “Generate 1,400 leads from LinkedIn in 14 days” and some such. If you define “lead” as anyone who fits your target demographic then maybe you can.

The beauty of those extraordinary claims is they can be tested fairly quickly. If you try out their system for one month and generate 1 solid lead and a list of 1,399 people who may or may not one day have an interest, you’ve got your data.

The questions then are:

  1. Is that one solid lead worth the investment of time and money?
  2. How will you stay in touch with the 1,399 in the future?

But anyway, I digress.

The main point is the A, B, C prioritization. It helps you focus. It helps you distinguish where you should put your time and where you shouldn’t.

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